@Neyjour --- yes names are correct ... But I have a question... are u sure there is 
[34:01] - Slightly extended scene of Wang So [4th] and Baek Ah [13th] conversing  ?? ... I just watched the complete scene in both versions and didn't notice difference... Of course, i didn't put them side by side, so I could be wrong ... Just thought I should bring it to your attention. :)
Btw, since it is just  revealing both of them talking, I din't think it is a spoiler.
@Neyjour woaa that's very useful. So far, the 6th episode has the most changes of all. The princes helped Haesoo escape, looks better in the international broadcast for me. 
@rairuma yes I think there isn't any difference between the two scene where 4th talked to 13th. I hear that scene originally for earlier episode. Scene where 3rd mock 13th and 4th sided with 13th, it supposed for the episode where haesoo being punished by hwangbo yonhwa (?) That's why, at that scene, 4th and 13th arrived together.
@rainruma - Thanks!  I'll update the .RTF in a few.  I re-checked the scene at [34:01] and it's roughly 10 seconds longer than the SBS version. :)  All the ones I've marked as "slightly extended" are very short extensions.  Some are almost not even worth mentioning (they're even shorter than that one), but since I'm going through the entire episode, I figured I might as well include them.  :)

@BlueberryCheesecake - I'm glad it's been useful! :)
@Neyjour ..U r right, might as well since your are marking them anyway.. ^^ ..  and u can only catch them if u put them side by side.

@BlueberryCheesecake --- You are so full of information!!! ^^ ... where do you find them?.... I think that is so interesting .... I really wonder what conflicts the director must have gone through to get this mess. :((
Yet... I cannot stop watching....The action is just now starting ...  I will stop my complaints and wait until it is over and give a final judgement.... 

Scene difference info for Episodes 01 and 07.  
Click and drag between the >> and << to read.  Or view/download the updated .RTF document from my Profile: Neyjour


Original International version:
[different opening]  

SBS Re-edited version:  
[different opening]
[07:09] – Slightly extended scene of Wang So [4th] on horseback in the marketplace
[55:27] – *EXTRA* scene of the  Princes practising for the ritual 

*Currently, DramaLove is the only place (that I'm aware of) that has a partial sub of this extra scene



Original International version: 
[different opening]
[13:19] – Slightly extended scene of Hae Soo treating the Crown Prince
[15:50] – *EXTRA* scene of the Queen overhearing that something is wrong with the Crown Prince
[16:28] – Slightly extended scene of Hae Soo being punished by Concubine Oh
[23:28] – Slightly extended scene of Wang Wook [8th] grabbing Hae Soo for a secret hug
[24:07] – Slightly extended scene of Hae Soo with Wang Eun [10th] and Wang Jeong [14th]
[34:55] – Slightly extended scene of the Princes and Yeon Hwa celebrating Wang Eun’s [10th] birthday
[39:49] – *EXTRA* scene of Wang Yo [3rd] telling Yeon Hwa to marry him, and Wang So [4th] intervenes
[42:20] – Slightly extended scene of Wang Eun’s [10th] birthday party
[49:00] – Extended scene of Wang Eun [10th] receiving his birthday gifts  

SBS Re-edited version: 
[different opening]
[05:39] – *EXTRA* scene of Wang Wook [8th] conversing with Yeon Hwa
[07:19] – *EXTRA* scene of Choi Ji Mong treating the Crown Prince
[37:24] – *EXTRA* scene of Wang Yo [3rd], Wang So [4th],and Yeon Hwa conversing about her marriage prospects
[51:09] – Extended scene (with flashbacks) of Wang So [4th] and Baek Ah [13th] conversing by the pond
[52:40] – Extended scene of Wang So [4th] taking off his mask at Wang Eun’s [10th] request


Again, if there's any errors with the Prince's names/numbers, please let me know.  Crown Prince, 3rd, 4th, 8th and 10th = no problem.  However, I tend to get the others mixed up sometimes...
Don't know if I should keep the scene differences I wrote or refer them to yours.
@Hessa - If you'd like to use mine and copy/paste them into the FAQ, I don't mind at all. :)  Actually, more people would be likely to see it if it's in the FAQ, rather than having to dig through this thread.  

If you would like to do that, you could either edit the scene descriptions so there's no spoilers, or just white out all the text and let people click and drag to reveal the ones they want to see.

And if you wouldn't mind linking to my profile, that would be nice, for anyone who'd like to save/download the .RTF for quick off-line reference. :)

Or, if you'd like to keep yours and just provide a link to mine (on my profile) as additional/expanded info, that would be fine.  I don't mind either way. :)
I was just thinking of adding the link to the .RTF. Because of the character limit.
I will edit the scene differences I wrote and only keep the timing of the extra scenes to make it simple. And will add your link to the .RTF as a more extensive differentiation between the two versions.
Is that okay?
Yeah, that's fine.  :)  I'd forgotten about the character limit, and you only have 2 posts free for the FAQ.  What we've got so far would fit, but I doubt a single post would allow for info for the whole series' episodes.

Unless, perhaps there's a way for Admin/Mod to move the order of posts within a thread?  Although, I'm thinking that might not be possible...  A while back I'd contributed some titles to the Korean Dramas on an Historical Timetable thread and the OP was going to ask Admin/Mod to move it under her initial posts, but it never was.  I'm not sure if it's because she forgot to ask, or if it just wasn't possible.
@Hessa , @Neyjour --- Personally, I don't think scene descriptions are spoilers, b/c the only people reading them are people who already saw one episode version and are  looking to see what they missed, or if it is worth watching 2nd version... 
@rainruma - It's possible that someone scrolling through the thread might accidentally read a description(s) for an episode they haven't viewed yet, so I think it'd be best to keep them whited-out, just to be safe. :)

Scene differences for Episode 08
Click and drag between the >> and << to read.  Or view/download the updated .RTF document from my Profile: Neyjour


Original International version:
[different opening]
[03:41] – Slightly extended scene of the Queen brushing the King’s hair
[08:44] – Slightly extended scene of Concubine Oh punishing Hae Soo
[10:44] – Slightly extended scene of Wang Eun [10th] and Park Soon Deok in the Palace
[11:40] – Slightly extended scene of Wang Eun [10th] and Park Soon Deok trapping a bird
[13:38] – Slightly extended scene of Park Soon Deok conversing with her father [Park Soo Gyeong] by a campfire
[20:57] – Slightly extended scene of Hae Soo, the Queen, Wang Yo [3rd] and Concubine Oh conversing about the Crown Prince
[27:53] – Slightly extended scene of the King praying for rain
[28:36] – Extended scene of the Princes putting their names in the lottery-pot for the rain ritual
[30:52] – Extended scene of the King drawing a name from the lottery-pot
[32:12] – Slightly extended scene of Wang So [4th] conversing with Choi Ji Mong about being chosen
[32:57] – Extended scene of the rain ritual and mud/rock-throwing
[35:05] – Extended scene of Wang So [4th] arriving at the ritual courtyard
[37:31] – Slightly extended scene (with flashback) of Wang Yo [3rd] and the Queen disparaging Wang So [4th]
[42:04] – Slightly extended scene (with flashback) of Hae Soo alone in her room
[48:55] – Extended scene of the King, Choi Ji Mong (and others) conversing in the ritual courtyard
[50:03] – Extended scene of the argument over who rides in the planquin and Wang Yo [3rd] knocking Wang So’s [4th] mask off
[51:41] – Slightly extended scene of the rain ritual
[different preview for next episode]  

SBS Re-edited version:
[different opening]
[22:08] – *EXTRA* scene of Wang So [4th] chastising the Queen
[36:10] – Slightly extended scene of Hae Soo and Wang So [4th] in the rowboat
[39:40] – *EXTRA* scene (with flashback) of Hae Soo mixing cosmetics
[43:25] – Extended scene of Hae Soo covering Wang So’s [4th] scar
[48:30] – *EXTRA* scene of Hae Soo covering Wang So’s [4th] scar
[different preview for next episode]

*Note: The scenes with Hae Soo covering Wang So's scar are split-up and a bit jumbled (with some of it appearing in both versions - I think...).  If you'd like me to try and pinpoint the similarities/differences a bit more precisely, please let me know. :)

@neyjour I want to add something on episode 7. I think the international version have a scene where queen Yoo overheard about crown prince sickness. I don't think the sbs version has that. I forgot the minute detail I'm sorry. And yeah, it's very useful. I watch both version but sometimes I cannot pinpoint directly the difference. You really are something

@rainruma I read it on dramabeans kekeke. The comment section on dramabeans was very fun to read. But the pace was so fast and I couldn't keep up with them. I like to discuss things more here.
@neyjour ... Of course, when in doubt, just assume it's a spoiler, good idea..... I just wanted Hessa to keep the details in her list also. :D
and... Thank you again... your effort  is greatly appreciated :D

@BlueberryCheesecake ...kekekekekeh ... So I'll probably spend Tuesday and Wednesday on Dramabeans, since I'll be looking for anything to fill the void ....I rarely, rarely ever watch anything while it is still airing.... 
This has been a lot of fun.... and a lot of torture. :(( XD :(( XD ... both at the same time!
@rainruma - You're very welcome!  And thanks! :)

@BlueberryCheesecake - That scene is sort of an extension of the one where Hae Soo is treating the Crown Prince, but I can add it in as an *EXTRA*.  I'll update it in just a few! :)
@blueberry cheesecake thank you for answering . you guys here are so knowledgeble. the only issue for me with this drama is the mismatching music and scenes. the music n songs itself r not bad but they are so ill fitting the scenes sometimes