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waw its look awesome . . . ill wacth it later

They renewed OUAT for a 7th Season.
The girl that plays Emma is leaving the show, Snow White and Charming are expected to leave too. I think next season is going to feature future grown up Henry from what I've read about it.

The Musical episode was kind of cheesy but it was good. I'm so happy for Emma and Hook!
I'm not happy for the becoming 7th season. Emma, the Charmings (I don't like them anyway), Belle, Zelena, Henry are leaving the show. Only Rumple, Regina and Killian (he's not Captain Hook for me!) are staying who don't really like eachother. Season 5 and 6 were really lame, no wonder the ratings are dropping with every single episode. 

I was hoping with the Final Battle the whole show ends. I liked this show very much until Season5, but than I became more and more dissapointed in the writers. The show is tired, the writers are tired and the actors too. There is no new idea, only a sleeping curse, or memory-loss curse and a new enemy who is somebody's somebody of the old characters and wants to ruin everyon's life. And of course he/she has a troubled, sad, miserable past.
Season 6 ended really good. The whole story revolves around hope. I think it's a nice concept and story, it does get old sometimes but it's exciting.
With a new cast, it will feel refreshed. The creators were just happy that they got what they wanted to accomplish done, they weren't looking for another season but they got renewed anyway.

its going to start airing on Friday nights instead of Sunday's.
Sneak peak at season 7 - https://youtu.be/pEVcq6mnCu0

at at first I wasn't so sure but this actually looks like it could be good.
I think I watched the first ~2 seasons before I kind of stopped following the show. It's all on Netflix so I skimmed through it. It's alright.

Definitely a unique concept and that is why I followed it initially. I think it would have been a lot more interesting to me if they had done the show the same way American Horror Story was done - devote 1 season (maybe 2) to a story/fairytale. One season, one exclusive story, bring in side characters during the story and maybe pick some of those side characters for season 2 and they become the focus..

Now Once Upon a Time is obviously a big network TV show whereas American Horror Story is on FX which is a more exclusive channel where they can probably take more risk and are under less pressure to pump out season after season... but still.

Since they're rebooting it, maybe I'll check it out.