I'm  all for  Se Jong.  Why because  he has substance and  personality.  And  let's  all be  honest  here we can  understand  and  know  the reasoning  behind all of  his actions.  

Whereas  when he  comes to  Ray  what do we  know  about  him  has  a separate  entity,  nothing  so  far  the  only  thing  he has  been  doing  his  trying to  become  the complete  carbon copy of  Se Chan so  I'm sorry  but  I do  not ship  them together.  

What  about  you  guys?

Can I say Se Chan? I mean that ship may be a bit dead but.... :D

Okay, really; I'd say Ray over Se Jong - but preferrably neither. I just don't like that stoic personality Se Jong has.
[email protected] darkn3ss 
I see where u r coming from! Ray is like trying to fit and satisfy Se Chan's world! Writers should show us some of his charms and not just straight imitation and all cute :P
And the other lead.. I hope he learns to talk his mind and not just sacrifice/ take all blame and be dramatical ALL-GOOD hero. Again. we are on ep 7 so I hope there will some character development to even ship someone :P @ @ Fira.. I agree that last part.of ur choice :P
Vote for Sejong :v
In episode 8 when he talk with his mother after fighting with Ray, I can understand his action all this time. It's simple, because he is the oldest son, so he has more responsibility he cannot act recklessly.
For Ray, I still doubt his feeling for Haera. As a new person he should be more considerate with people around him, especially with Sejong as Sachan's brother. And his feeling for Haera still lack of sincerity, I think.
Sorry if my english is bad :v
I'm still team  Se Jong :D