Hi all,

*Possible Spoilers for those who haven't seen the new episodes*

1) How is the queen (?) who was murdered in the first episode, related to the goblin?
2) Why can't Ji Eun-tak see the sword if she is the goblin's bride?
3) How did he become the goblin?
4) Who is the old lady?
5) Can everyone see Grim Reaper?
6) Do you think the reincarnation of King & Queen are  Grim Reaper & Sunny?
7) What is up with the ring?
8) Do you really think that Eun Tak can see the sword?
9) Why can't Eun-tak pull out the sword? She is the goblin's bride, right?
10) Do you think Deok Hwa is the God or a diety atleast?

We all are waiting. Here's my theory on your questions:

1. She is his sister - either younger or older. Remember back in those days powerful general's daughter or siblings married into the royal family.
2. I think she either has to be in love with him, or he has to be in love with her, or they mutually have to be in love with each other in order for her to see the sword.
3. He became the Goblin because 'God' wanted him to have his revenge for his wrongful death but also teach him about love - the kind you sacrifice yourself for. Remember, in his 300+ years of living, he never had a bride or someone he loved. He only fought battles and killed other people's loved one's. So it is kinda of a punishment and a lesson.
@Daisy01 Thanks for the answers...
For the first question, I thought maybe they were in love or something.. But your theory is more plausible, specially since I remember the king saying 'If you take one more step, your family will die?" And then they kill her. so/...
The first question was what I wondering too!
And I think @Daisy01 's answer makes sense.

I have another question actually...
I don't understand why did the goblin (shin) got executed as traitor... What did he do? Or what did he accused of?
Or is it just a super random execution just because the king is jealous of him, so without any reason at all, he just claim shin is a traitor?
I watched the scenes 2 times and read the recap at dramabeans but I still don't get it...
@soracantabile You're right! That's what I was wondering about too. All they said was that he was a traitor. There was nothing else.
@soracantabile, because it is a crime to place yourself above the king. Remember the king's adviser's order: there is God - King - General - People. But in his mind (the King) he saw: God - General - King - People. It was basically a badly patched up accusation of him (the General) trying to overthrow the crown.  
@Daisy01 Thanks again!!
@soracantile, any general who hears crowds cheering for him is as good as dead in kdrama land. Add a Grima Wormtongue behind King's arm and we can only wonder how can he managed to make it so far still holding his sword.
Regarding point 3: it wasn't the general who became a goblin, it was his sword. See the first scene. They're played by the same actor, so it can be confusing.
EDIT. After ep 3, it turns out he was a general in his past life afterall. But I still think intro lines are pointing more to his sword than him.

@namopanik For 3 question, I watched it again, but I still didn't get it.I mean I was confused from the first time anyway.
I am quoting the subtitles of first scene... So please explain it if you can...

When a powerful desire indwells in things touched by mortal souls, they become goblins.  A blade smeared with blood from countless battles...was enchanted with a powerful desire bedewed with its master's blood. Only the bride of the goblin will be able to draw the blade. Once drawn, everything will turn to ashes, and peace will be granted.
When a man dies, what's left is a ghost. The process of creating a goblin is different and explained by the intro lines (object + intense sentiments). The sword was charged with all those tangled deaths, anger and need for revenge and somehow transformed into a goblin. I guess it carries some reflex of his master personality / sentiments. It has to atone for the deaths it brought (hence immortality and endless pain). It tried to revenge his master.
Actually I don't think it's very clearly differentianted in the show. Main hero is just not a ghost, for the sake of diversity I suppose. (He should also eat liver and not steak and probably be less human looking and uglier, but I doubt anyone will complain here).
In Arang and the Magistrate /possible spoilers/ goblin was created by means of the dark magic, by mixing and compressing several human souls. He had no resamblance to, uhm, source material. That was one of the scaries shits I saw in a kdrama so far, Jack Nicolson peeking out of the door level of scary.
@namopanik Thanks, I think I get it now... Think being the keyword, lol.
I'm wondering about the green ring too. The young queen (played by Kim So Hyun) first had it and then Eun Tak's mom bought it from the old granny (who turned young again) And on one of the trailers, I saw that Sunny (Yoo In Na) has it. 

Any theories about this? 
@seventhmonster, I have a theory that grandmother is Cupid or something like that. She is always wearing red. That may explain why whoever has the ring seems to be in love: Ji Eun-Tak's mother and Grim Ripper and Sunny,
I like that theory about the old lady! I thought (since apparently she is very old and can change her appearance) she was some kind of witch, but your theory is more interesting :P
Also, about the grim reaper, I think he said that he uses his hat (wich the goblin continuously criticize) because when he is wearing it, humans cannot see him.
About the old lady, it says on MDL (just saw it ) she's Goddess Of Birth.