Can you give me a list of a Korean/Japanese drama or movies about ( sick - disabled ) male lead or poor male lead.

Thank you. Any other recommendations...
Japanese dramas with sick male lead, all three are dramas that I loved:

Koukou kyoushi 2003

Itoshi kimi e

Boku no ita jikan 

Have you seen More than blue? That was a good sad movie w/ a sick male lead.
I HIGHLY suggest the movie My Rainy Days
Punch (2014) - Male lead will die within a few months due to a brain tumor and is going to do everything within his power to take his revanche.
Jealousy Incarnate The lead male is sick. I personally loved it!
Uncontrollably Fond (terminal illness)
Kill Me, Heal Me (mental illness)
Its Okay, That's Love (mental illness)

Wow this made me realize how hard it is to find a drama where the male lead is the poor one and not the female... at least from the dramas I've watched