Can you give me a list of a Korean/Japanese drama or movies about ( sick - disabled ) male lead or poor male lead.

Flower For My Life
Ruler of Your Own World
I'm Sorry, I Love You

In all three dramas the male lead is both poor and sick.
Thank you. Any other recommendations...
Japanese dramas with sick male lead, all three are dramas that I loved:

Koukou kyoushi 2003

Itoshi kimi e

Boku no ita jikan 

Have you seen More than blue? That was a good sad movie w/ a sick male lead.
I HIGHLY suggest the movie My Rainy Days
Punch (2014) - Male lead will die within a few months due to a brain tumor and is going to do everything within his power to take his revanche.
Jealousy Incarnate The lead male is sick. I personally loved it!
Uncontrollably Fond (terminal illness)
Kill Me, Heal Me (mental illness)
Its Okay, That's Love (mental illness)

Wow this made me realize how hard it is to find a drama where the male lead is the poor one and not the female... at least from the dramas I've watched
Good doctor
its okay its love
flower for my life
spring day of my life