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I haven't come across any personally but thought I'd ask you guys. Looking for drama where heroine was or is abused or shy because of trauma and the hero brings her out of her shell and heals her? Any ideas ..?

That love. Drama special. Its real good.
Flower boy next door
Mars (taiwanese drama)
Thanks for the suggestions. Heirs seems somewhat that type of plot as well, looks good but I haven't watched it yet.
abused you mean physical ? or what
You can check "Healer"
doctor strange :")
I recommend "Love That Makes You Cry". Not exactly, but it would describe the beginning of the drama.
Behind Your Smile -

The female lead loses everything and everyone hates her but the male lead helps her however he has his own reasons for helping her (to get revenge from her mother) but they end up together in the end.

I just finished this drama recently and really liked it, would recommend!
I just finished Secret (2013). The plot is very well written here.
Bogoshipda/Missing You has the same vibes as Secret.

But the 2 are total Makjangs, don't know if it suits your taste, but give it a try :)