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Im really into the slap kiss revenge genre in asain dramas and i find that thai people do it best.  I can also include the mans obsession to the female that can sometimes result him becoming cruel/rough with her

the best ones ive seen is 

sawan biang

Jam Loey Rak

Plerng Chimplee

game rai game rak

Yah Leum Chan


Sealed With A Kiss

summers desire

lee jun kai

please include more if possible. please not korean drams as i find korean dramas lacks what im looking for. thanks!

You might as well liked
1. Kluen cheewit (lakorn)  I know you don't like kdrama but SECRET love is a masterpiece drama, actually after watching it I instantly assume that kluen cheewit was inspired by kdrama SECRET.  
2. Padiwarada (not exactly slap/kiss but it's a forced marriage so they don't like each other.) 
3. Sanaeha Sunya Kaen (there's physical abused here and so much misunderstanding.)
Ive seen kluen cheewot and sanaeha sunya kaen. Ill give padiwarada a try thanks!
Leh Ratree was really addicting. I watched the 2015 Sean and Esther version because I love them.

Yes leh ratree was awsome !

Roy Leh Sanae Rai

Fai Lang Fai

Thanks Table12. Both dramas look good!

You're welome. Hope you find some dramas to enjoy.

The new MDL now has a 'Slap/Kiss' tag so I am sure it will help immensely in searching for slap/kiss lakorns. 

There is one chinese drama which may also fit your bill - 'Too Late To Say I Love You'. About a warlord in 1930s or 1940s China who falls in love with a girl and who obsessively pursues her across war zones and border territories. Rough treatment of the female lead is obviously present, but there is no rape. 

My sunshine chinese drama fits what u r looking for.. I loved the drama and they had great chemistry.. Its long tho so if u dont wanna watch loong dramas viki has its directors cut which is the short version of the same drama with same actors.. Unnecessary parts have been cut out in that