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Hi MDLers~~ Looking for any drama from any countries that match with my title. 
Any lead role (female or male) is actually a rich person but pretend to be poor for some reason (don't want other to love the wealth, need to hide from evil person etc) 

I am a drama fanatic since long ago so I might already watched some of the recommendation but just keep on replying so I can take note of the drama too~

PS: If there is/are already forum with the same thread let me know by sharing the links. Thank You~

Watched (from given recommendation)
- Ugly Alert
- Oh My Venus
- Shopping King Louie
- Me too Flower
- High Society
Ugly alert, female lead pretends she is not rich (highly recommended drama) great romance
oh my venus, male lead doesnt mention his wealth and hides the fact he is a famous trainer (great romance)
shopping king louie ( amnesia he forgets he is rich)
Watch all the recommended dramas already. Thank You for the reply tho. Hope I can get more~
I've warched that too... hehe 
Definetly High Society......The second lead couple is perfection too:D
I shipped more to the 2nd couple! watched it because of them too~ Now I missed them, gonna rewatch it again~ hehe Thank You~
The liar and his lover
Save the last dance for me
The prince who turns into a frog
LOL you're welcome....OMGGGG me too...The main couple bored me-.- I'm never gonna watch this but my friend kept tell me to. From what she said, the main guy is rich but pretends to be a taxi driver. 
It's not a big part, but the female lead in Bachelor's Vegetable Store doesn't want people to know she's rich because she gets treated differently.
@jak watched that. Thanks~

@wednes will download it later. thank you~
panyachon kon krua-  thai drama 2012 drama.. here the girl is not poor... she is very rich but she disguises herself as a poor girl and works in the lead guy's house for a reason. the drama is very very funny with awesome is like only 11 or 12 episodes and is available in youtube itself so easier to watch:)
Ugly duckling series perfect match. It's one of the best. It has a meaningful lesson to it. Plus, the unexpected twist at the end.