Once in a while, I find myself needing an emotionally destructive and yet satisfying dosage of a crazy possessive main male lead~ and I guess this time around, that moment has arrived once again. After watching all sorts of dramas (and rewatching Cruel Romance for the second time), I'm finding myself wanting the rush of a bad arse protective male lead~ & I was hoping you all could help me out!

I'm totally open to watching dramas from any country (Maybe not India, Canada, UK, America, etc).
Mainland China, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, Hong Kong~ I'm down!

Dramas with Super Possessive guys that I have already watched:
+ Cruel Romance 
+ Sealed With A Kiss (Dropped) 
+ Protect the Boss (Dropped) 
+ Kill Me, Heal Me + Secret 
+ Devil Beside You 
+ Hi, My Sweetheart 
+ I Love My President Though He Is A Psycho (Waiting for remaining episodes to be subbed) 
+ That Thailand Cowboy one where the main lead is a big time F-boy. 
+ Lady and the Liar 
+ Boss and Me 
+ My Sunshine 
+ Love O2O 
+ Mystic Nine 
+ Le Ratree 
+ Cubic (He wasn't that crazy~) 

Please do help a girl out!!
Thank you in advance!

Cinderella & The Four Knights
@Angelina~ I tried watching that drama. Unfortunately it use want my cup of coffee because of the second female lead. So I dropped it. However, thank you so much for your recommendation! Maybe I'll watch it sometime in the far future!
Too Late to Say I Love You
The Girl in Tassel Earring
Summer's Desire
Meteor Garden
When a Man's in Love
Le Jun Kai
Sound of the Desert
Wolf Girl and Black Prince (Movie)
The Heirs had a male lead that was super protective/possessive. He said a lot of romantic stuff, so you might not notice until later that he was bordering on being a crazed stalker. I have to admit a guilty pleasure in watching the testosterone showdowns between the two guys that liked the girl, though.
Karn La Krang Neung…Nai Hua Jai
Roy Leh Sanae Rai

Both Thai. Maybe not so much "protective" in the first, but controlling and possessive. 
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I love this type too, great suggestions I will look into these as well. A few shows I liked are Sealed with a Kiss, Black Devil and White Prince, Le Jun Kai, Heartless City and When A Man Loves
Que Sera Sera ... sometimes it was frustrating too but I had to watch the drama in one day + I had an exam the next day. Nonetheless I watched the full thing at that very day hahaha. So yeahhh it was a drama with lots of action and many plottwists. 
summer's desire --- two possessive male leads 
empress ki -- the most possessive and jealous king 
le jun kai -- the craziest male lead ever
sanaeha sunya kaen -- nutcase male lead 
Thanks guys! I've already tried Sealed with a Kiss but unfortunately it was just too intense on the brutality scale for me. However I am completely going to watch all of your other suggestions and will definitely be stalking up the links you've given me @rainruma. Ah so exited!
@Soju - ... It looks like you are looking for MILDLY possessive ...  

So I recommend you STAY AWAY from:
- Sealed w/ a Kiss
- Le Jun Kai --- Intense and abusive
- Sawan Biang -- most intense and shocking
- Sanaeha Sunya Kaen --- intense and not very logical
- Roy Leh Sanae Rai
- and most other Lakorn Slap/Kiss ....

you may like Kleun Cheewit, it is not too harsh.

You are safer w/ K-drama and J-drama versions .... most C-dramas .... 
but BEWARE of most lakorns, too harsh for your taste.... except newer ones from last 2-3 years, they mellowed out quite a bit, and most leads are not too bad.
@rainruma : Aww thank you for helping me out! I'm quite  alright with intense possessiveness until it just becomes something like 'Cheat on the female lead because you're mad at her, hurt her family, blackmail her with something emotionally compromised,, beat her up, get/ let her get abused by other characters, forced abortions, and physical abuse by the main lead because of hate~'

I didn't exactly like SWAK because it was just too much crazy in one drama tbh~ I'll definitely stay away from the ones you've warned me against. Especially the Larkons. O_O  Thank you!

@Panda : Thank you so much for the suggestions! 
The Girl Who Wears Tassel Earrings