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The kdramas which top my favorite list are:
-Fight For My Way
-I Can Hear Your Voice
Other than these I liked Pinocchio,You're beautiful,Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,You who came from the stars.

The kdramas I just could not continue to watch despite its popularity and dropped -Boys over Flowers & Secret Garden

So based on the above preferences can you please recommend some kdramas?

I like to watch dramas with an element of romance.It could be coupled with comedy or mystery or thriller.It could be based on school/college life,noona romance etc. Basically anything with a good plot with romance.But with a contemporary set up.Not a fan of purely historical dramas. If historical portion forms a small part of the plot like in "You who came from the Stars",then it's alright.

Thanks in advance :)
Now... that's a broad search!
I feel you on Boys over flowers... it was so bad!

From your "plan to watch list", you really can't miss:
Another Miss Oh - romance. check. plot. check. best side couple ever. check. This is really good, great actors. The "seeing the future part" is actually quite small.
Coffee Prince - the classic drama you must watch. It has some really good romance.
Witch's Romance - cute and funny drama. That first scene is a must watch at least.

Other drama that could fit your search:
Bring It On, Ghost - nice supernatural drama, quite good romance... with the worst kisses ever. (must have something to do with the lead actress being underaged at the time I guess)
Drinking Solo - great drama with some nice romance, quite funny too. And a great cast and a great set of characters.
Lucky Romance - I don't usually recommend this one as I didn't really like it. But it's comedy and romance. People seem to have really enjoyed it. 
Oh My Ghostess - supernatural/thriller and romance. the lead actress is really really good! 
Queen In Hyun's Man - Part of the drama is historical (yay! for time travel), but it's not most of the drama, so it should still be ok for you. Sweet couple and great chemistry. It has a lot of really cute scenes and lovely moments (totally falls in the guilty pleasure category)

Since you mentioned noona romance:
What's Up Fox? - It can be a bit dated (video rental anyone?) but it's still totally watchable and overall really good, quite funny too. Although a lot of people have found the side stories were taking a lot of screen time, I actually liked them.
Secret Love Affair - I have the feeling you are looking for something light hearted. This is not. Not at all. But it's really really good. The actors are brilliant. Besides the romance, there's a school politics/finance plot going on.

I second Oh My Ghostess. You will fall in love with Park Bo Young's acting lol

Bring it on Ghost is good as well. (Love the college sunbaes lol)

Kinda weird watching them back to back though.
@Oddy Thanks for the recs :) I ended up watching Master's Sun and loved it.Now I'll add your recs on my list. You are right.I was in the mood for something light hearted but if the plot is good even if it's not light,I would love to watch.

@Antonin Thanks  :) I'll keep that in mind.
Cruel City      Thriller/Romance
Falling for Innocence      Romance/Comedy/Thriller
Can You Hear My Heart      Romance/Drama
Secret        Drama/Romance
Marriage Not Dating      Comedy/Romance
Genres are listed in order of most to least prevalent (in my opinion):

I Remember You (Mystery/Thriller/Romance - intriguing mystery plot and characters, romance isn't the biggest focus)
Suspicious Partner (Romance/Mystery with some comedic elements - a fun watch with great main cast and characters)
Rooftop Prince (Comedy/Romance/Mystery - a great all-rounder with some hilarious moments ; there's historical elements as it's a timeskip drama, but it's primarily set in modern day)
Shopping King Louis (Romance/Comedy - an enjoyable lighthearted and sweet drama)
City Hunter (Action/Mystery/Romance - haven't seen this one but it's been highly recommended by those who also enjoyed Healer)
Chicago Typewriter- Comedy, Romance, and an unforgettable set of characters and story.

Descendants of the Sun- Action, Comedy, Romance, and an entertaining plot.

Kill Me, Heal Me- Comedy, Romance, Lighthearted. This drama will stay in your heart for a very, very long time.

King2Hearts- Comedy, Romance, Political. The story and characters are well developed and will hit you in the feels.

Love O2O- Romance, Comedy. One of my favorites, although I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, considering it's Chinese, but I think you should still try it

Playful Kiss- Comedy, Romance. I consider this to be a slow burn romance, which actually makes me like it more, but not everyone liked it. So I recommend you watch with caution if you're not into cliche romance.

Sassy Go Go- Romance, Comedy, Friendship, and lovable cast (including the villain)

Shopping King Louis- Romance, Comedy. Despite having almost every cliche ever written, it was surprisingly very unique.

Wild Romance 
My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
Man to Man
I Remember You
Cheese in the Trap

I watched Goblin and I am still not over it.It was so good in every aspect that I don't know if I'll enjoy anything else without it falling short. *sigh* Any suggestion on  what should be the next show on my list after Goblin? I know there are a lot of suggestions here but I feel like I'll end up dropping the show if it doesn't grip me initially especially after watching such a good one.

Thanks for the [email protected], @neo, @SarahEm &Safae