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So this is my like one of my favourite tropes in dramas where the man are the woman are together and for some reason they separate (usually because of some misunderstanding). Without the man knowing she's pregnant and she doesn't even tell him. Years pass and the kid is a cute kid and somehow they meet again. The guy is all mad that she didn't tell him meanwhile the cute kid plays wingman. Some examples from all over the world, I'm probably forgetting some

Marimar (Philippines)

Autumn concerto (Taiwan)

Humsafar (Pakistan)

Marimar (Mexico)

Loving, never forgetting (Taiwan)

Yellow boots (kdrama) - A bit different since the kid didn't play wingman but still good

As you can see I really don't mind the language, infact I'll probably love it more if it's not in English as long as there's English subtitles

Slight variations to the genre is ok but the couple and this plot has to be the main story.

Wonderful Life. At the beginning, at least. He ended up finding out, though.
Isn't exactly hiding, at least not at first but My Love, Eun Dong.
Thanks for the suggestion guys, I'll make sure to check these out
Autumn's concerto (Taiwan)
Only you (Korea)
Wonderful Life (Korea)

Alborada (Mexico)
El privilegio de amar (Mexico)
Esmeralda (Mexico)
kasam tere pyaar ki (India) 

Guys thanks for your suggestions but...
@EvilYuli, From what I see they don't have a child together in My Love, Eun Dong

@fanitha, I don't think any of those telenovelas have an actual kid, I've watched esmeralda a looooong time ago and I can't remeber them having a baby together and I read the plot of the others

@Zomaya, that is a very long drama and it's still going on? Just read the plot in wikipedia and it seems more like rebirth than hidden kid

From the telenovelas I mentioned only Alborada has a grown up kid like 3 years old, for the other ones they are babies. I have watched all 3 of them.
@ Hala, actually it's part of the plot towards the end of the series (so it's not part of the synopsis for the series and not really a big part of the series since a big part of the series is memories from the past and until you find out what actually happen)
Come! Jang Bo Ri (Korea)
Although the child is not the main plot (about embroidery) and is not from the main leads, but there is still the mother who hides her kid from the father (and almost everyone else).
@fanitha ok thanks I'll check them out. Although my Spanish is still basic, telenovelas are usually easy to follow

@EvilYuli, got it thanks

@Ayumu, I've actually watched some of that drama but never finished it, I know of the storyline,  maybe one day I'll finish it, thanks