I'm watching Unknown Woman and I just love how the naive and nice female lead turned into a smart and strong female lead who takes revenge on all the people who hurt her.  

Any other Kdrama with a female lead who gets hurt by others and decides to get stronger? Or maybe she was a spoiled brat but becomes more mature?

Maybe you can try these out:

- 200 pounds beauty

- 49 days


Wow I thought I could give you more  recommandation but scrolling my completed list, the revenge dramas I've watched are always led by the man's past :(

I can give you some strong female lead, but naive turned stronger to revenge is hard to find

  • The Princess Wei Young (Historical) - the Princess of a small satellite kingdom is forced to escape when her family is killed and framed for treason. She is smart, strong, resilient, and bent on getting justice for her family. 
  • Empress Ki (Historical / Political) - the plot is complex and difficult to explain without major spoilers, but the FL is involved in action, politics, and tragic events. Warning: heavily implied rape scene. This drama is not one of my favourites, but I'm usually not a fan of tragedy / revenge plots, and it is very popular.

To a lesser extent:

  • I Hear Your Voice (Noona / Law / Fantasy Element) - FL gets tangled up in a murder case as a child, she becomes a lawyer, and the old case becomes relevant again. ML can read thoughts.
  • Witch's Romance (Noona / Office) - FL's fiancee disappeared and she became a cold workaholic.
  • W (Action / Fantasy) - FL is a doctor + the daughter of the author of a famous manhwa. She starts to travel between the real world and the manhwa world. After a turning point, she must take the story into her own hands in order to save herself and the ML.  
  • Princess Agents (Historical / Action) - FL does not remember her childhood. She becomes a maid in a wealthy household and is recruited to become an intelligence agent / spy. She and the SL endure a great deal of suffering. Her strength and resolve grow throughout the drama. Warning: the drama ends with a cliffhanger
  • Because this is My First Life (Slice of Life / Contract Relationship) - the FL is a drama script writer. She quits writing after an actor she worked with tried to rape her. Later on, she meets a supportive entertainment company female executive, and finds the courage to file charges against the perp and to start writing again. The FL doesn't change drastically. She remains a thoughtful, quiet person, but she has an inner strength throughout, and gains confidence as the drama develops. Plus the jerk gets what he deserves.

All of these have strong romantic storyline. 

Not revenge type of story, but in Fated to Love You the female lead grows to be  stronger and more independent. 

The First Half of My Life

not a revenge type of story, but the main female characters grows a lot stronger, understanding and independent after her divorce in the first few episodes. 

Not naive but sweet/pure lady ......Woman of Dignity.

Stars falling from the sky.

The female lead grows as a woman when, after the death of her parents,  has to take care of her adopted siblings.


Queen of the game


Temptation of a wife

woman of dignity

avengers social club

miss mermaid

the promise

yellow boots

glass mask

pink lipstick

Girl K


the fierce wife

City hall

Fated to love you


Smile You

please take care of young lady

Prosecutor Princess

Stars lover

Snow queen

Couple or trouble

i just finished 49 Days and second the suggestion above

In Cheongdamdong Alice, the female lead starts off as a "Candy girl" type, hardworking, pure and selfless (though she is strong and doesn't let herself be bullied). Then pretty early on in the series a few things happen to her that makes her take a 180 on her personality and she decides to not be a good girl anymore. I felt like there was a lot of growth in this drama for a lot of people even some minor characters. Also a nice twist on the "golddigger" trope.

Journey of the flower( fits your discrption)