Most romance dramas are from the girl's perspective and the girl is really the "main" main character if you know what I mean. The guy is a main character too but the focus is on the girl's perspective. I'm curious what romcom drama focuses on the guy. 

An example is Hogu's Love. Thanks

MARS - Taiwanese Drama

Narrated by & told from male pov:

Plus Nine Boys

My Little Baby

My Wife’s Having an Affair this Week - (as evident by the title, not your typical happy-go-lucky rom-com, but it is told from the man's perspective 100%)

The Day After We Broke Up

My Girlfriend's Boyfriend

Shut Up: Flower Boy Band - it's been a while since I saw this one, but I'm pretty sure it's told from male pov. It's more focused on friendship but you do get romance as well


Because It's The First Time - it has male mc and female mc' pov's, and is narrated by male lead for the most part

One and a Half Summer - told from both perspectives, though when it comes to the romance aspect it focuses more on male mc's pov - or at least for the first part of the drama - from what limited info I recall) warning: open ending

Hot and Sweet - short web drama. Mostly told from male pov

Modern Farmer  - it's been a while since I saw this one, but I'm pretty sure it's told from male pov as well. Main characters are all men

Please Come Back, Mister - more of a  Melodrama than a rom-com, but the story's main characters are men (one of which gets reincarnated as a woman)

What Happens to My Family? - it's a family drama, so each family member gets their own story & plot. When it comes to the youngest son, I feel like the love story is more focused on his pov

Shopping King Louie - since male lead is introduced first and develops feelings first, I feel like the story focuses on his perspective, but I'm not sure,it's been a while sine I saw this drama

These aren't really romcoms, more like dramas in different genres but they all have a bit of romcom in them:

  • Gu Family Book - supernatural / fantasy / historical with some romcom
  • The K2 - action / revenge with some romcom
  • City Hunter - action / revenge with some romcom
  • Hwarang - historical / school? with some romcom

Strongest deliveryman

Over the Rainbow

Kings 2 Hearts

Falling for Innocence

High End Crush

Gentlemen's dignity



Deserving of a Name

I second a Gentleman's dignity.

I just realised that they really don't make much dramas from the males pov... I really hope that changes, it would be very interesting to see.

✔️ pinocchio

✔️ What's wrong with Secretary Kim

✔️ High School King of Savvy 

✔️ Andante

✔️ Because I love You 

✔️ I Belonged to You 

✔️ Lawless Lawyer 

✔️Your Lie in April

✔️ Nine Times Travel 

✔️ From Me to You 

✔️ Kiss That Kills