Hello, I've been in a bit of a drama slump for the past two years (watched about 3-4 dramas a year, whereas I used to watch at least a dozen), so I'd like to watch something that would grab my attention easily. I would like a drama from whatever country (though I have a bit of a hard time with veeery badly done Chinese dubbing, so if I could avoid those that have terrible dubbing), that is entirely, or almost entirely romantic -- I don't want half of the drama to be eaten up by political intrigues or legal cases or anything like that. What I want is fairly simple: I want a lead that is very in love with the heroine, and if possible early on. Almost desperate, if you can think of one! Some dramas that would qualify would be Love in the Moonlight, currently airing Radio Romance, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Boys Over Flowers, Boss & Me... Light, tragic, whatever! I guess even intense characters like in Sealed with a Kiss would be fine, but he was so cruel I had a hard time believing in his love. There's only so much I, and the heroine, can take :^p

Since I've been in a drama slump, there are many 2015-2018 dramas I haven't watched, so they're a good bet for recommendations. However I have sampled quite a few without updating my list, so I may have dropped them but will reconsider. I know most of the k-drama scene so there's a good chance I'll already know the drama if it's korean (and that's ok, as I said I'm willing to give second chances), but have very little knowledge of dramas from all the other countries.

Thanks so much!!!!

When it comes to romance dramas I just HAVE to recommend Weightlifting Fairy, it's not the perfect mach for what you're looking for but it's my favorite and I just can't xd Ok, so I had a really hard time finding something that you want so what I'm about to recommend is just rom-coms that are generaly on the fluffier side and the male leads aren't douches.

Attention, Love! (2017) - There's themes of unrequited love here but it's not very sad and dramatic about it. The male lead is very nice he falls in love with the female lead almost immediately. First, he loves her like his sister/friend or so he thinks...? Ahhhh, just watch it for yourself it's cute :D

Lucky Romance (2016) - the male lead is sooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuteeee. Honestly, all you need to know. And this drama has this subtle depth to it which is surprising but not heavy :)

My Mr. Mermaid (2017) - probably the nices male lead I've ever seen. It's really cute and sweet, the main couple gets along really well, their relationship builts from friendship to romance and both of them are genuienly very nice and hard working people. The supporting couple is what I was living for, tbh. This is worth watching cause it's a rom-com but then more than a rom-com....ya know, it has actual swimming, journalism, friendship. It's a really nice package that goes together perfectly.

The Eternal Love (2017) - again, cute fluff but with a cross-world travel twist this time! The chemistry between the main couple is unreal. The female lead is sassy and kicks ass.

I hope this helps ˚✧₊⁎( ˘ω˘ )⁎⁺˳✧༚

  • Just Between Lovers - this one is sooo good, the romance is there all the time and the chemistry between the leads is awesome. 
  • Boku Unmei no Hito desu - here the male leads pursues the female lead since the beginning and it's all about him trying to go out with her. 
  • We married as a Job - One of my favorite dramas of 2016, the female lead is very straightforward and they have a very open relationship without misunderstandings and such things. 
  • Sekai Ichi muzukashii koi - guys fall in love first 
  • Live up to your name - The male lead is kind, funny and overall a good person that helps the female lead change.
  • Moon Lovers - Kind of Boys over flowers, boys falls in love first  is very possessive, female lead falls in love with other guy at first then falls in love with the lead. 
  • Pride - a classic romance drama with a mature couple who grow and learn from each other and also heal each others wounds
  • Seven Day Queen - two brothers in love with the same girl fighting over the throne. One of the best ones of 2017.

I do agree with @Viktorija, Weightlifting Fairy is a very cute lighthearted drama and it's one of the most recommended ones in romance, but also as she said it's not exactly what you are looking for. 

Shopping King Louie is very cute and the male lead is very very in love, pretty much from the start. This show has minimum drama and maximum cuteness ;)
I watched one episode last year and didn't like it, but when I tried again a few weeks ago I got totally hooked :)

Falling For Innocence also has a very in love male lead and lots of cuteness, but there's more drama (business related) and it takes more time for the character to fall in love

Thank you all for your recs! And actually, Weightlifting fairy is one of those rare recent dramas I watched (it feels like the only ones I completed are Love in the Moonlight, Do Bong Soon and Weightlifting Fairy) but since I was so disorganized, I totally forgot to update my list. It's a good recommendation though because though the romance takes a few episodes to kick in, the male lead definitely felt very obviously and sincerely in love. It could have made the list for very in love heroes, but I guess I came across a little extreme. It's just, you see, that I have issues with guys like in Playful Kiss :^p  Some like this trope, but it bores me to the maximum, even if it's a bit more watered down than in PK.

I'm going to rake through what you listed, and again the 3 of you thanks a lot, especially for including short explanations of why you liked these dramas. That's just what I needed to feel compelled to start something new! 


Hey even if you issues with leads like iznk please check out a love so beautiful ❤ 

It's wonderful.

I would recommend That Winter, The Wind Blows, but I'm not sure if it's filled with love (I mean, they definitely fall in love and such, but the main plot is the male lead acting as the female lead's brother). I really loved it so I couldn't help including it.... >u<

Witch's Romance - Definitely solely about the love relationship (and boyyyy, that one scene with the canned beer).

Fated to Love You - Forced marriage. Perfect if you like male leads along the lines of Secret Garden and Master's Sun (of course he becomes sweeter as the episodes pass).

Another Miss Oh - One of my favorite dramas. I don't know what to say, just... Watch it >u<

Weightlifting fairy- super super cute and light 

goblin!- romance comedy and melo all in one

suspicious partner- LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Another miss oh hae young

something about 1 percent

marriage not dating

reply 1994

reply 1997

drinking solo

its okay thats love

Nothing but romance then I have to go with what I just finished, Koizora. My goodness its nothing but cheesey romance. I personally couldn't stand it but it seems like its what you're going for. Thing is its only 6 episodes.

Jugglers have nice love story in terms when they realize they feelings for each other they charis and protect love...talk normally and act like adultsome for change it was very refreshing for me at least. ..  

i would definitely recommend 5-ji Kara 9-ji Made. The ML fell in love with the FL from episode 1. It a light and fluffy drama.

* Fall in Love With Me (Taiwanese)  Aaron Yan players dual roles to get the lead girl and they have amazing kissing scenes 

*Suspicious Partner the leads have smoking hot chemistry but in the beginning she chases him but then he chased her... Great romance and comedy 

* Witch's Romance sizzling chemistry and kissing scenes

 * Shopping King Louie... He really falls hard for her and he is hilarious and they are adorable together 

* Hwayugi he tries to pretend that he doesn' t love her since he is a God and had an ego but he is smitten 

* Black Devil And White Prince (Japanese movie) He is sarcastic and teases her but he is really in love with her and he is so hot and they have great chemistry

 * Daisy He sees her and falls in love at first sight.... It takes him awhile to approach her but when he does they have great chemistry

* My First Love he travels through time back to high school so he can change history and get his first love 

Sound Of The Desert

Cruel Romance

Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Prince Of Lan Ling



Cunning Single Lady

1% of something (2016)

Marriage Not Dating