Most of the drama got male lead who falls in love with girl and doesn't even realize that while doing childish stuffs -_- I saw many drama where boy just quarrel/debate/whatever with girl from early to mid stage. Also boy screams, talks and stuffs when he thinks about that girl alone. 

So, I am looking for drama where male lead is very calm. He doesn't talk back/debate with girl but just listens to her. Guy who stays mature throughout the drama. Example would be main guy in Ugly Alert and Five Enough.

Also no melo and girly pov drama where male lead gets less than 30% screen time. I need at least 50-50 screen time or even better if male pov. 


Itazura na Kiss ML is like that. He likes the FL but even when you're watching you can't tell cause he doesn't really show his emotions.

Now that I think about it, most of the time the ML tends to be a jerk in those situations.

Good Morning Call is another one and the ML is a jerk too lol

I haven't seen Ugly Alert or Five Enough but I hope these are close to what you're looking for:

  • The K2 (Male POV)
  • City Hunter (Male POV)
  • Hwarang (Male POV)
  • Pinocchio (Male POV) - the drama follows the leads from childhood to adulthood so the ML has some immature moments (and a ridiculous haircut) in high school, but none as far as I can remember when he's older
  • Love O2O
  • When a Snail Falls in Love
  • Misty (currently airing)
  • Because This is My First Life
  • Hello Monster
  • Descendants of the Sun - some debating / arguing but it's fairly good natured
  • W Two Worlds
  • Bromance - occasional minor arguments when the leads worry about each other
  • High Society
  • I Need Romance 3 - the ML may come across as too innocent to be called "mature" and he does sometimes talk to himself while thinking about the FL when he's alone, but he's quite observant, wise, and patient when it comes to understanding the FL; he also occasionally debates with her, but it's usually a case where he's giving her valid advice and helping her overcome her personal flaws and the emotional barriers she's put up
  • In Time With You
  • Just Between Lovers - the ML had to raise himself, more or less, in a very tough situation, so he's mostly mature beyond his years but also a bit rough around the edges
  • Sassy Go Go - it's a high school drama but the ML is generally pretty mature even when his club and the FL's club are fighting each other in the beginning
  • You Who Came from the Stars - the ML is calm and highly educated, but still kind of learning how to get along with / interact with humans

Most of these are Female POV but the ML gets a lot of screen time.

  • I second In Time With You
  • Glorious Day - a definite must watch family drama, much like Ugly alert and Five Children. The ML was actually the man who the girl became friends with because he has such a calm and kind person. And slowly he fell in love and told the girl. None of those bickering childish moments. Just natural and awesome falling in love of the main couple

And maybe check out:

  • My Love Eundong
  • All About Mom
  • Legendary witch
  • Buzzer beater
  • Love Around
  • Eccentric daughter in law - the guy is a little nerdy but definitely a mature one. 
  • On the way to the airport  - though this is an affair drama. So maybe not your cup of tea. But the connection and chemistry between the leads was great.

Hello! You have raised a good question, and I hope this is somewhat of an answer for you. Sorry in advance if it is not... 

Japanese Dramas:

  • Asuko March! (Female POV) From what I remember the ML is very nonchalant. Ends up supporting the girl.
  • Otomen. (Male POV) ML is quieter and more gentle. Doesn’t yell or argue with FL. Very creative and skilled, supports FL as she supports him. 
  • Buzzer Beater. (Male POV) A very mature, quiet character is the ML. At a few points they will argue at each other for a little bit, but the conflict isn’t childish per se. I’d recommend this one the most, if you haven’t seen it!
  • Boku no Ita Jikan.  (Male POV) This being a Melodrama it may be more serious, but the ML is mature, easy-going and popular with his friends. Very reasonable and never over-the-top from what I remember. He’s just trying to make it in life.

Korean Drama:
  • Because This Is My First Life. (Female POV). —Like everyone else recommended this drama, I second and third it! Great mature characters are the leads. Never over the top or even remotely dramatic. The Male is very logical and holds true to his promises; never immature. Stands for what he thinks is right. In some ways he has a hard time understanding FL. Sidenotes: This drama is not girly. Some side characters are dramatic, argue and girly though. But over all main couple is fantastic!!

These suggestions may not be a 100% answer to your question, but I hope this helps and wasn’t a waste of your time!

Is second LoveO2O and Because this is my first Life

It's Okay That's Love - kinda counts lol

Well since romance doesn't seem to be a requirement....... I'm just gonna throw in Holy Land (korean) but also if you insist on at least a little bit of romance I'll recommend Holyland (Japanese).
I think Sungkyunkwan Scandal meets your requirements? It does have a girl pov but it isn't really a girly drama. Romance
Cheese in the Trap?????? Romance
Can We Get Married????????????? (I watched this a long time ago thou) Romance
Zettai Kareshi (girl pov) Romance
The Boy Next Door
White Christmas

Personal taste

Weightlifting fairy kim bok joo

My girl

Hi..have you watched Eternal Love and Love in Han Yuan? The male lead in both are calm and mature.  Also, if you dont mind der drama..try to watch all about eve.