male lead  isnt  jerk but he is serious and cold...

1. it's ok if there isnt any romance between main couple but story must be very beautiful 

2. And if there is romance please recommend me dramas with strong female lead and  without triangle love

Keunsuk in You are beautiful

Minho in faith

Aaron yan  just you

Joongki in nice guy

Jung yonghwa in Heartstrings

Sihoo in princess man

SangYoon in liar game (korean version)

Joowon in Bridal mask

I havent tried these but i heard that Autumn concert, W,just between lovers and rich man poor woman have similar MLs

I’m just watching Sungkyunkwang Scandal and the ML is a very serious person, hardly ever smiles, but I wouldn’t say he is cold.  She Was Pretty, When A Snail Falls In Love (chinese drama ), Scarlet Heart Ryeo and You Who Came From The Stars also comes to mind. 

Edited to say there is triangle love in She Was Pretty (not so strong ) and Scarlet heart, so ignore those! 

Just between lovers definitely doesn't have a cold ML , Kang Doo was so sweet though it's not exactly what you're looking for I highly recommend it

Because this life is our first matches with your description but it does have a little bit of a love triangle ( it affects the story in a very good way so it's not the typical love triangle in every kdrama), the male lead was really cold but he respected the female lead and the drama was both serious and hilarious and the story was indeed beautiful , the female lead though wasn't that strong but she had self respect I highly recommend it too

Hope I helped :)

I also forgot to add A Poem A Day Wich I'm currently watching , I'm actually not sure if he's the ML yet but one of the main characters is so cold and handsome lol but there's going to be a love triangle so pass on this but it's really amazing , give it a shot , the female lead is so endearing too and believe me you won't regret it or maybe it's just my opinion LOL 

Totally Because it's my First Life 

Love me if You Dare (cdrama)

You Are All Surrounded 

I tried to order it according to your preference for the dramas with the best story. I also had to shorten my list to make sure that the female leads weren't too whiny ;)

+1 for Sungkyunkwan Scandal*, She Was Pretty*, When A Snail Falls In Love, You Who Came From The Stars*, and Because This is My First Life. Also:

  • Love O2O*
  • The Eternal Love (the web drama)
  • Hello Monster 
  • The Princess' Man
  • Another Miss Oh* (accidentally a jerk)
  • The Master's Sun*
  • A Love So Beautiful*
  • Suspicious Partner*
  • High Society* (also a bit of a jerk)
  • You're Beautiful*
  • Queen for Seven Days*

*In these dramas there might be a second male lead or second female lead that likes one of the leads or is their ex, but they don't sway the leads (and in some cases they don't even confess their feelings).

I've left out dramas where there's a significant love triangle and one of the leads is torn.

  • Because this is my first life
  • Forest of secrets
  • Liar Game