Characters should be:

1. Female lead is clever and can stand on her own.  She should be independent and someone who is not always being saved by the Male lead. Someone who can face her enemies head on and without fear. Cruel in front of the antagonist yet sweet and cute in front of the male lead. She should not lose her strong character during the romance with ML tho...

2. Male Lead should be kind, caring, understanding, and someone who can support the Female lead. Should be friendly, liked by everyone, always smile, (and is skilled on something). He shouldn't be easily bullied though, and like the female lead, he doesn't need her to save his ass... He could be a little cold, and he can't be too kind to everyone else.

I'd prefer movies that are not purely romantic but has a touch of romance on it. And I'm really into Medical Dramas...

I've seen the Movies:

*** YONG PAL- It's this movie that made me like the role reversal of the characters, so definitely looking for something similar to this. I love YJs role in this movie and KTH is just perfect for her.

*** PRINCESS AGENTS- It doesn't have the exact male character that I'm looking for but Xing er's character here is the definition of badass.

*** PRINCESS WEI YOUNG- Female Lead here is also smart.

For the Male Lead, I'm looking for someone like Kim Tae Hyeon of Yong Pal <3. Yuwen Yue from PA can do but he shouldn't be that cold and aloof towards the Female Lead. :)

I'm fine with Historical, Medical, Romance, Slice of life, Law, School, Politics, Revenge, War, action, Military... and preferably not too old actors -,-'

I dislike Horror, fantasy, supernatural, adventure, and the likes. No mature contents

IDK if the limitation I've set is too much but I've seen some drama recommendation and most of it doesn't fit in with what I'm looking for. 

Advance thank you to all :)

  • Ugly Alert - totally what you are looking for, though these is a very long winded family drama. But one of the best in its genre. FL is very independent and outspoken chaebol heiress who is groomed for business yet has opened a business on her own on the side, ML  is a self sacrificing, loving and uktimate positive person who loves his family to the utmost level. He will ve the FL's employee and supporter, and FL will fall for his kind heart.
  • Girl K - an action drama, though technically the guy is not really a male lead as he was just cameo, but they totally have a very adorable little spark of romance where he was the adorable cute puppy-like waggy-tail popular boy stalker ML to the super badass FL. 
  • Temptation of a Wife - makjang drama where the FL is out for revenge and the ML will be her best support
  • Across the ocean to see You - office romance setting where the FL is a dragon boss who terrified everyone and the ML is the yes-man errand boy who is liked by all
  • Amateur lover never give up - office setting romance where the FL is very putspoken and independent and meets a very smart and caring ML who turns out to be the guys who lands the job she wants. Insue her hostility towards him while he is quite mild mannered all through out
  • Maybe; From 5 to 9, Withc Yohee, Women of diginity
  • Movies: My Sassy Girl, Azumi

Most of the dramas I know with a strong woman have a cold or sarcastic male lead that later falls for the FL 

Strong FL

✔️ Misty (ML supports her and is strong) 

✔️ Lawless Lawyer (ML can fight, supports FL)

✔️ Dr Qin Medical Examiner (no romance, 2 male leads.. One kind and understanding and the other cold as first.... Both support her) 

✔️ Duelist (strong ML, supports FL)

Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms

So I've never seen either of the two you're basing your search off of but by your descriptions I think these fit, and I HIGHLY recommend all of them (also second Love O2O)

Strongest Deliveryman (this one definitely fits the best, though she isn't sweet, not right away anyway but he is and they're perfect)

Fight For My Way

Shopping King Louis (FL is strong but in sort of a different way)

My Mr. Mermaid (this one is a little different, there isn't really anyone who is badass in this, it's not that kind of drama, but they're both sweet and I strongly recommend it)

Hello Thanks a lot for the Recommendations, I can't thank you guys enough <3

@Czakhareina I just started watching Ugly Alert (Ty for recommending) It did fit my description but I feel like the guy is just too kind to everyone .--. I only saw the 1st 15 episode and it isn't that bad so I'll definitely watch it :) Also I'll consider your other recommendations but y... other is like 100+ episode long (TnT)

@starsappear thanks, I'll add it on my list.

@Stevie70 tnx a lot too.. I won't take Misty tho since its rated 19+ (Accdng to the comments, lol) but I'll certainly add the latter three to my list since they have these interesting reviews. xD ( Lawless Lawyer [but I think the english sub for this isn't complete yet], Med. Examiner Dr. Qin, and Duelist)

@ShotaSidePart I've seen it a lot but i'm still doubting if I'm going to watch it. Still unsure till now 

@Mars ty too, not sure of its the charas im looking for but I'll also check it.

ty again :)

 Kurome Nightraid:
@ShotaSidePart I've seen it a lot but i'm still doubting if I'm going to watch it. Still unsure till now

Seriously you wont regret watching it. I was unsure about it as well because it kept getting recommended everywhere I looked and I finally caved and watched it. In the end I was mad that it took me so long to do so cause this drama pretty much has everything. It has a high score for a very good reason. Plus the FL and ML are exactly what you are looking for. If its the length putting you off, there is so much going on that the episodes really do fly by. I think that afterwards you're gonna search for dramas like it...

i hear your voice

while you were sleeping

The ones I have seen that i think would meet your criteria are...

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon...female lead is super strong and the male lead is so supportive.

King 2 Hearts...female lead is amazing.  She is smart, physically strong and fearless.  The Male lead has great character growth.

This seems to be a popular request.  Take a look at this post.

Happy watching!