I am wondering if there is something where Villain is obsessed with female lead, Like he also start liking the girl and is very obsessed with female lead. If not interested, then Villain being obsessed due to other reason is okay too but i want to see where Villain is interested   and is obsessed with her. it would be kinda new to me.

Thanks :)

Open to  Any country.

Genre also doesn't matter tho, although i don't like sad ending. ^^''

The ones that come to my mind are Historical:

1. Queen for Seven Days

2. The Princess' Man

The dramas that come to mind:

-Suspicious Partners

-Hello Monster

-Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

  • Bridal Mask
  • Meloholic
  • Ballad of Seodong
  • Baker King Takgoo

Should also add:

-Come and Hug Me. 

It's ongoing, but so far, I'd say the villain is obsessed with the main female lead. And the drama so far is excellent.

The Princess Wei Young 

+1 on Wei Young and Strong Woman


Cruel romance


Hwang Jin Yi (sad ending, she doesn't die but she doesn't have her happy ending)

Goong (not exactly a villian but he goes along with his mum's plans)

Ooh, this is one of my favorite tropes!!! Love stories where the main villain only has a soft spot for the female lead..

Here are my favorite series with this trope:

Khaani  -OMG, I just watched 2/3rds of this Pakistani drama on Netflix  because it's got a very compelling "villain obsessed with heroine" plot. Only the villain is actually the male lead, so he's the hero as well. But I saw him as the villain because he's pretty much the main antagonist of the series and never gets the h's love.

I was only interested in the first 21 episodes (31 episodes in total) as that was all about how he came to be obsessed (wasn't right away and it was awesome watching the "falling" process) and stalked/chased after the h like an unyielding, bulldozing tank. Seriously, once the villain realizes his feelings, he's batsh*t crazy obsessed and nothing can deter him from trying to make the h his. He does many crazy things: Stalks her everyday, injured himself with a glass bottle so he can be a patient at the hospital where she works, threatened to kill himself when he found out his disapproving parents tried to kill the h (would have gone through with it if the h died for real), and forcing her to get engaged with him.

Seriously, the villain's one of the most obsessed I've ever seen and it doesn't hurt that he's absolutely gorgeous and shares explosive chemistry with the h. All their scenes together are gold and I just couldn't get enough of the way he looks at her like he wants to devour her. The villain's actor is very skilled and I loved all of his facial expressions (his eyes really exude emotion), esp. when he's around the h. He seriously can't bear to be away from the h once he falls for her. It's been a long time since I've felt this way about a pairing.  

Sadly, this drama is a tragedy and the villain ends up serving a life sentence due to him murdering the h's brother. The h also married someone else (didn't bother me because she never loved the villain). I also didn't watch the last 10 episodes or so, because they strayed away from the romance and focused on the villain's redemption/seeking forgiveness for his past indiscretions. But the first 21 episodes is a must watch for anyone in the mood for a highly compelling "villain obsessively in love" storyline with hot hot chemistry btw the leads.
The drama's also got an amazing soundtrack.

Here are two mvs: One featuring the twisted romance and the other is the official ost mv::



Memory Lost 
-The villain's backstory and motivations were so compelling that my heart was absolutely shattered in the end. He really took obsession to the next level (erases the heroine's memories so he can start over with her) and I can't say he loved the heroine any less than the hero -she really was his entire world! He could give up anything and anyone in order to be with her. Even the other woman said it, "I knew an old friend who could turn against the whole world in order to possess the one thing he wants..."

Harper's Island
-The villain is 100% yandere. He's sadistic and duplicitous, basically manipulating all the events and killing everyone that'll stand in the way of him and the heroine. Everything he does is so that he can be with the heroine in the end, just the two of them "forevermore." Loved this series and loved him...I'm a total sucker for yandere villains (real villains, esp. the ultimate baddie, not mere mean bullies, etc.).

Where can I watch Harper Island? Is it an American series? 


Where can I watch Harper Island? Is it an American series? 

Yep, and it's on amazon prime