I've just come out of a drama slump where I've been watching kinda weepy, almost submissive female leads. This is can sometimes be nice, but I prefer really strong female leads where they can really hold their own in a fight. I love dramas like Empress Ki, Gu Family Book (although not the lead), Princess Agents, Legend of Fuyao. I'd really appreciate more recommendations please... THANK YOU!!!

✔️ Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

✔️ Life on Mars

✔️ Dr Qin Medical Examiner Season 1

✔️ Lawless Lawyer 

✔️ Caught on the Heartbeat

✔️ Hot Youngbloods 

✔️ Kiss that Kills 

Recent C-drama: Age of legends!!! It's so great!!!

Doctor X, 

Drama mostly based on Medical Genre but Female lead character and she sometimes have some action scenes too. lol 

Bloody Romance

The Vigilantes in Masks 

The Journey of Flower 


The Legend of the Condor Heroes (I supposed all versions/ remakes have the kind of FL that you are looking for as long as they follow the original story)

  • Historical :
    • Damo (korea)
    • Ja myung go (korea)
    • Ashi Gir (japan)
    • Nirvana in Fire (China)
    • Khun Chai Rachanon (thailand)
  • Modern setting:
    • The Crown Princess (Thailand)
    • King 2 Heart (Korea)
    • Spy Myungwol (korea)
    • Gokusen (japan)
    • Girl k (korean mini drama)

Mr Sunshine for sure

The Guardians (kdrama) - no romance for this one but the female lead is tough and can surely fight. Well the female lead is Lee Shi Young so if you're familiar of her works you'll know she's a badass

The King's Woman (cdrama) - She knows martial arts and is even better than the male lead. If you like Empress Ki then you'll probably like this one too ^^

The Rise of Phoenixes (cdrama) - She used to attend school for her lazy brother so she was the one trained instead (though they didn't really showed that part). Though they've shown her some of her fighting skills, she's more of the brains 

Lost Love In Times 

The Princess Weiyoung - Story is somehow similar to Empress Ki regarding the romance

Sound of the desert - She was raised in the wild that's where she got her fighting skills

Stranger.   ... bromance

Oh my General, (Ch).

Couple or Trouble (K)

Me Too, Flower! (K)

Age of Youth (one of them) (K)

Shopping King Louie (K)

Marry me , or not? (Tw)