Hi, can anyone recommend me any drama where the girl is cold at first to the guy but later on open up to him. I don’t want the drama to be too serious (rom com if possible). Basically i want the drama to be like the beauty inside(2018) but with reverse role

Secret Garden

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (the FL wasn't that cold in this.. but wasn't lovey dovey to the ML either..It's hilarious )

Kk thanks for all of your recommendations 

✔  Suspicious Housekeeper 

✔ Deserving of the Name 

✔ Doctors

Thanks, i’ve watched deserving of the name and i like it very much i’ll check out doctors and suspicious housekeeper

Falling for Innocence( Beating Heart on Netflix) 

In Need for Romance 3 [Both of the same genre and same lead actress. Definitely cold at first.]

Man to Man

Noble, My Love