Looking for a romantic comedy TV show(preferably Japanese or Korean) that does not have a lot of drama. 

Some of my favorite romantic shows are You Who Came From The Stars, Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto,  and I am Not a Robot. They have great romance but the drama regarding business, family, ex-lovers, villains, etc. really annoys me. I just want it to focus on the (playful) relationship between the main couple, I end up forwarding all the other bits (in shows like Secret Garden, Personal Taste)

My favorite shows that have great comedy and no/little melodrama are Laughter in Waiki and Hotaru no Hikari. These are great comedies but, unfortunately, have less romance.

Can you please recommend a show that has BOTH, romance and comedy, but little to no melodrama?

Things I dislike:

  • melodrama
  • love triangles/ other love interests
  • FC having no self-respect or being portrayed as helpless and stupid (like in Itazura na Kiss)
  • unrequited love

Things I like:

  • romance+comedy
  • cohabitation
  • playful banter
  • bromance/ friendships (bromance between God and MC in Boku, Unmei no Hito Sesu is the BEST I've ever seen)
  • strong female characters
  • MC goes for FC first (or both at the same time)
  • socially awkward/cold protagonists (example: Sano in Hana Kimi)
  1. First Kiss 
  2. Our Times 
  3. After The Rain 
  4. Feel Good To Die 
  5. Go Ho's Starry Night 
  6. High-end Crush 
  7. Legend of Hyang Dan 
  8. Noble, My Love 
  9. Something About 1 Percent 
  10. The Princess and the Matchmaker 
  11. The Romantic President 
  12. Love O2O 
  13. One Smile is Very Alluring 
  14. Please Love the Useless Me 
  15. Overprotected Kahoko 
  16. My Love Story!! 

Most of the Romantic-Comedy dramas -if not all of them- have that period in the middle of, so it's hard to find one that doesn't, but I tried my best to remember and that's what I found, hope they will be like what you want.