Pls recommend me medical dramas with very good story line which gives u many emotion and doctors and surgeons do their best to heal and save their Patients.its ok if there is romance between leads but the main focus must be about saving Patients


I recommend you Romantic doctor, Teacher Kim. There's a good plot and good actors.

The Chinese drama Surgeons is very good. 

JIN 1 and 2 (Japanese version). Very well explained storyline. Very emotional especially the ending. Minor romance.

I love medical dramas, and my top picks are:

  • Kounodori / Dr. Storks (Jp) - the drama that definitely is what you are looking for
  • Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim (Kr)
  • Code Blue (Jp) - all seasons and special are good but ranking them by S3 > S1 > S2
  • Golden Time (Kr) 
  •  A Life (Jp)
  • Good Doctor - all 3 versions: Korea, USA and Japan
  • Jin (Jp) - the korean version was disappointing
  • Brain (Kr)
  • Black Pean (Jp)
  • Behind the White Tower (Kr) - centers around doctors and the political side, but one of the best if not the best medical drama ever 
  • Life (Kr) - though this one is more of political issues in hospitals
  • Procedural/investigative/Forensic medicine: Fragile, Unnatural, Medical examineer dr.qin, Gods Quiz, the virus, The end of the world

Life- kdrama

A life - jdorama

Heart surgeons 


Golden time 

Investigation couple- 


Emergency couple- romcom

If you're looking for a more "medical action" where they talk about difficult medical condition/treatment/surgery, then:

1. Iryu Team Medical Dragon

2. Doctor X (I can't stand Yonekura, but it's just me)

3. Fragile

4. Doctors Saikyou no Meii

If you're more into emotional side, then:

1. Kounodori

2. Jin

3. Dr Koto's Clinic

4. Toumei na Yurikago

  • Good Doctor
  • Black Pean