I just watched the drama JIN and am looking for a similar drama.
I liked how non-whiny and non-needy Saki was.  (Female)
I liked how humble Jin was.  (Male)

Those who don't know JIN, basically, looking for a drama where main character is good at something and isnt a showoff/"cold and distant".

Not interested in dramas that is very romance based. But some romance is fine.

Not interested in dramas that's about 46781 hot guys fighting over 1 whiny girl as the lead (eg boys over flowers/the heirs)

Preferably korean/japanese


Dr Koto's Clinic - old drama but same like Jin, the protagonist is humble but a good surgeon who has to work in island (due to some circumstance) without decent facility and had to deal with the conservative villagers. There's a local nurse (Shibasaki Kou) who works under him.