I would like to watch romance  K drama BUT WITH FRESH AND NEW DEVELOPMENT IN THE PLOT 

No ML loves the FM then they broke up after fight , the FM goes to the Second ML , she realizes he is not that good , she goes back to Main ML at the end the get married . [PLEASE NOT THIS OLD EVENTS]

or two men fighting on the female [Please NO this old story]

I want to watch something without these things  

Matrimonial Chaos? It's a remake of a Japanese drama called Saikou no Rikon. It's more about what makes relationships work or doesn't than strictly about romance, though.

And as far as I remember (it's a bit hazy since it's been a while since I watched it), Padam Padam also doesn't have love triangle or back and forth between a couple, but it's a pretty straightforward romance with elements of fantasy.

It seems like our taste are quite different but I try my best:

Scent Of A Woman - a shy woman get to know that she has cancer and decide to live her last days to the fullest and finds real love just because she allows herself to be as she really is  (sad and heartwarming at the same time)

Tomorrow With You - a guy is able to travel through time and get to know that he should protect a certain woman in order to save his own life (a rather bumpy romance between two persons who did not fall in love at the first sign)

Hymn of Death - During the Japanese Occupation a man and a woman decide to die together (it is about how they met and what lead them to the decision to die together)

A Gentleman's Dignity - 4 flower boys grown up and fall in love. All relationships are unusual for the Korean society. (my all time favorite romance drama)

  1. About Time 
  2. Another Miss Oh  There is this other guy who loves the FL, but he's not a SML as we usually had.
  3. Arang and the Magistrate 
  4. Devilish Joy 
  5. Encounter There some fight, but I felt like it didn't even happen because it was not much.
  6. Something About 1 Percent 
  7. The Beauty Inside 
  8. You Drive Me Crazy 
  9. After The Rain 


  • Healer
  • New tales og a gisaeng
  • Queen inhyuns man

You can check my list . I only watch dramas with Romance genre,

W- Two Worlds


The K2

Good Doctor 

Are You Human Too