Is there any Asian dramas you can recommend me where the main character, preferably male as I like to watch their journey more, is in any way either:

- abused 

- traumatized / dealing with a pain from the past/ broken

- bullied 

- dealing with corruption/unfairness in society 

I recently decided that I want to watch something dark, where the main character has to deal with a lot of heavy stuff, which will make me sympathize with them, so they should also be kind. Some dramas like that I really enjoyed as an example are: 

- Come and hug me (where he deals with the tragedy and his father's influence, and guilt)

- Missing You (where the MC deals with pain from the past and a bad family)

- Remember: War of the son ( where MC deals with power, corruption, and unfair treatment of his father)

It's Okay That's Love- ML has a super dark childhood where he was abused and other shit went down and it's traumatized him. Can't say anymore without spoiling but I highly recommend it. 

That Winter the Wind Blows-ML was abandoned as a baby. This show does focus a lot on the abuse the FL experiences though as well. 


Kazoku Game

and this one is with a female lead

Sachiiro no one room


  • Kingyo Club  
  • Love song


  • Mars - both leads are such broken people though more so the FL since she was abused. ML is a Playboy so maybe not your definition of kind at first. 
  • Kill me heal me - both leads were Abused but the FL grew up happy while the ML has created personalities to protect himself. 

MC with Trauma

  • Just between lovers - both lead has survivors guilt after a tragedy by the ML has taken his trauma and somehow isolated himself 
  • My ahjusshi - FL is more in traumaed due her past but the ML actually is going through some issues that. Definitely fits the kind criteria
  • Bride of the century - ML was kidnapped as a kid
  • It's Okay that's lov

Dealing with unfairness of society

  • Awl
  • Special Labor inspector jo
  • A story of a man
  • Misaeng
  • Pinocchio
  • Healer
    • Wake Up

Thanks everyone that's really helpful!

  • Just Between Lovers
  • Byakuyakou
  • Que sera sera
  • Voice
  • Maou
  • Soratobu Kouhoushitsu

+1 sachiiro no one room (fl mental state is worrying)

+1 byakuyako (both main character were abused and traumatized, they are way past broken and only 1 thing can stop them)

  • Zeni Geba  - revenge
  • Smile - unfairness
  • Soredemo Ikite Yuku - tragedy in the past
  • Uso no Sensou - revenge

Heavy/Dark is my thing:

  • Secret (with Ji Sung)
  • Cruel CIty
  • Shark
  • Bad Guy
  • I'm Sorry I Love You
  • Innocent Man
  • Forgotten
  • Kill It
  • Come & Hug Me
  • A Love to Kill

Here's a list to explore with others: 

 russian white bear:

+1 sachiiro no one room (fl mental state is worrying)

+1 byakuyako (both main character were abused and traumatized, they are way past broken and only 1 thing can stop them)

I definitely second the notion on Byakuyako!

What's wrong with Secretary Kim - Both leads were kidnapped as children. The male lead had was held for days while the female lead was held for a few hours. Eventually the male lead has to watch the kidnapper (this woman) hang herself and then he has to crawl into the room where she is (he's tied up) and get a tool to free him and the female lead. 

Thanks for all the helpful suggestions so far, a few of them have made it to my list already, hopefully it will be worth it!

Always - It's a movie. ML is a boxer that deals with unfairness

- Shark ( Korean drama)

- Byakuyako 

- Mars ( Taiwanese drama)

- Kingyo Club 

- Love Song

- One Million Stars falling from the Sky (Japanese drama)

- Nobuta wo produce 

- N No Tame Ni 

- Last Friends 

- Autumn's Concerto (Taiwanese drama)