- Cruel romance

- Lady & Liar

- The King's woman

- Secret

Thank you but I have already watched these dramas do you have any other advices

Scarlet Heart Ryeo 

Good Bye My Princess 

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes 

Behind Your Smile 

The Great Seducer 

Siege in Fog 

Kdramalover203 I watched these too do you know other dramas or movies 


Kdramalover203 I watched these too do you know other dramas or movies 

Empress Ki 

And maybe:

Hua Jai Sila 

Falling For Innocence 

Thank you I haven't seen these I will take a look ahsaaful

I would say Love in Sadness & Roy Leh Sanae Rai but that is already on your list.

Manhole the villain is obsessed with the FL he has more screentime in the second half of the drama

The Last Empress The emperor was obsessed with the FL in the later episodes

Crystalstars thank you I wwill take a look

Obsessive  heroes or villains are my all-time favorite tropes in any romance. Here are the best series I've seen featuring this that I didn't see on your list:

Obsessive hero dramas:

Eternal Love/Ten Miles Peach Blossoms -The H can give up anything/sacrifice anything for the h and chases after her like a bloodhound -he basically deceived her into marrying him by not disclosing anything about himself (his biggest fault is his tendency to keep everything to himself and shoulder all burdens). He tries to shield her from everything, but when all hell broke lose, he tries to protect her using the wrong method and it cost him.  

What's even more attractive is how arrogant and cold he was before he met the h -nothing and nobody can affect him. He's never loved anyone (there's a lady who stayed by his side since they were little and is obsessively in love with him, but he's extremely cold to her) and finds that emotion to be a nuisance. His 3rd uncle even said that though he's seen as "perfect" (crown prince status, extremely powerful and handsome) in everyone else's eyes, he's incomplete in his eyes because he lacks emotion/affection.  

Well, that all changes when he meets our h: She's the only one who can melt him and make him go crazy. Seriously, this H won't be able to live without his beloved h. When he thought he lost her, he gave up on life and almost died. He also cries a lot because of her -I just want to hug him (love his manly tears). He also sees through all female machinations and is never fooled by "other women" tactics. The drama's so good at making us see everything from the perspective of both leads, unlike the book which just focuses on her side. I totally feel the H's desperate love and pain...swoon!!!  Here's the Ost for the opening theme (love H, Ye Hua and h, Bai Qian): 

Game Rai Game Ruk
-Sooo in love with the H and h. Loved how the H was so passionately in love with the h to the point where even his "revenge" seemed more like "courtship." He was truly bleeding his love and even when he's "jerky," he's still exuding his passion/love thru aggression. For me, I only really like slap/kiss and revenge lakorns (Thai dramas) because of their intensity/excitement level. And I found that heroes like Charles (H in here), who's both devilishly alpha and loving towards the heroine, are rare. Usually they're more jerky and I have a harder time seeing the "love" from their reprehensible actions. Yet I found this drama to be the exception: I've seen immense love from pretty much every one of Charles' hurtful actions. It's like every time he tries to hurt her, he ends up hurting himself far more and that level of emotion just really gets to me. 

Proong Nee Gor Ruk Ter 
-Older thai drama with a powerful male lead who's absolutely insane for the female lead. Their love story's really intense/emotional and there are lots of un-pc scenes. But, they have explosive chemistry and I was glued to the screen.

Towards the end, the ML doesn't lose steam in his obsessiveness, but the heroine refuses to be with him because she thinks he got the OW pregnant (fake) and wants him to take responsibility by marrying her . He didn't want to and even begged the FL on his knees (wants to marry her and no one else), but she was unrelenting. So, he was sort of going to go through with the marriage only because the FL asked him to. Though I hate story events like this,  the whole sequence was towards the end and went by quickly (the ceremony was interrupted of course). Luckily, there wasn't enough time for the OW to gloat about this whole thing or I would have pulled my hair out, lol.

New Tales of Gisaeng -hero is both extremely handsome and one of the most passionate/devoted men I've ever seen. Before accepting his feelings for the heroine, he did something cruel, but ended up paying for it tenfold. It was both extremely satisfying and heartbreaking watching his torment over the heroine -she really gave it to him good! This was the angst I wanted and it built up to one of the most climatic/touching scenes I've ever witnessed in episode 33. I was thoroughly convinced that the hero couldn't live without his heroine.

Keep in mind that it starts out rather slow and doesn't become a downward roller coaster ride until episode 16 where the hero "digs his own grave." From then on, you will witness his downfall as he comes to realize how much the heroine means to him and what he has lost. He then trails after the heroine like a bloodhound, determined to win her back, but our heroine will not budge. Forgiveness takes a long time and our hero is in for a world of pain for many episodes -can't say he didn't deserve it, lol. Happy drama watching and hope you become as emotionally involved as I did.

Obsessive villain dramas:

Khaani  -This is a Pakistani drama I watched on Netflix recently. Only the villain is actually the male lead, so he's the hero as well. But I saw him as the villain because he's pretty much the main antagonist of the series and never gets the h's love.

I was only interested in the first 21 episodes (31 episodes in total) as that was all about how he came to be obsessed (wasn't right away and it was awesome watching the "falling" process) and stalked/chased after the h like an unyielding, bulldozing tank. Seriously, once the villain realizes his feelings, he's batsh*t crazy obsessed and nothing can deter him from trying to make the h his. He does many crazy things: Stalks her everyday, injured himself with a glass bottle so he can be a patient at the hospital where she works, threatened to kill himself when he found out his disapproving parents tried to kill the h (would have gone through with it if the h died for real), and forcing her to get engaged with him.

Seriously, the villain's one of the most obsessed I've ever seen and it doesn't hurt that he's absolutely gorgeous and shares explosive chemistry with the h. All their scenes together are gold and I just couldn't get enough of the way he looks at her like he wants to devour her. The villain's actor is very skilled and I loved all of his facial expressions (his eyes really exude emotion), esp. when he's around the h. He seriously can't bear to be away from the h once he falls for her. It's been a long time since I've felt this way about a pairing.  

Sadly, this drama is a tragedy and the villain ends up serving a life sentence due to him murdering the h's brother. The h also married someone else (didn't bother me because she never loved the villain). I also didn't watch the last 10 episodes or so, because they strayed away from the romance and focused on the villain's redemption/seeking forgiveness for his past indiscretions. But the first 21 episodes is a must watch for anyone in the mood for a highly compelling "villain obsessively in love" storyline with hot hot chemistry btw the leads.
The drama's also got an amazing soundtrack.

Here are two mvs: One featuring the twisted romance and the other is the official ost mv::

Memory Lost 
-The villain's backstory and motivations were so compelling that my heart was absolutely shattered in the end. He really took obsession to the next level (erases the heroine's memories so he can start over with her) and I can't say he loved the heroine any less than the hero -she really was his entire world! He could give up anything and anyone in order to be with her. Even the other woman said it, "I knew an old friend who could turn against the whole world in order to possess the one thing he wants..."

Harper's Island
-The villain is 100% yandere. He's sadistic and duplicitous, basically manipulating all the events and killing everyone that'll stand in the way of him and the heroine. Everything he does is so that he can be with the heroine in the end, just the two of them "forevermore." Loved this series and loved him...I'm a total sucker for yandere villains (real villains, esp. the ultimate baddie, not mere mean bullies, etc.).

Happy drama watching and I'm so jealous that you didn't watch any of these...

Wow, thanks for the details Jess4163!! Going to check some of those dramas out now :D 

Just sure of one person bi dam from queen seon duk


Wow, thanks for the details Jess4163!! Going to check some of those dramas out now :D 

Hope you enjoy them! They're all quality dramas, in my opinion, that happen to execute "obsessive love" really well. I fell in love with each and every one of them...