Can someone recommend me a good romance drama? I want something that doesn't have melodrama and that hasn't politics in it. If it helps I made a list with my dislike and like. Please help me find a good romance! :)

Things I like: 

* Lighthearted romance

* Korean or Japanese dramas

* Rags to riches or riches to rags for one of the leads

* Skinship

* Male chasing female lead

* Female lead that knows what she wants.

* Smart female lead.

* Preverably a good looking male lead

* Mystery

Things I don't like:

* Love triangle (but if it is a well done love triangle than sometimes it is not a problem)

* Arrogant male lead

* Too much melodrama

* Historical dramas

* Office romance

* Politics drama

* When the drama has more than 25 episodes

My all time favorite dramas:

* Hotel Del Luna

* W

* Mistress

* Kimi Wa Petto (2003)

* Second love

Dramas I really don't like:

* Boys Over Flowers

* Kuzu No Honkai

* Flowers For Algernon

* Graceful Family

* The Heirs

Zenkai Girl: Japanese romcom, smart and driven female lead, male lead has showed early on that he's attracted to her, sort of have love triangle/quadrangle but it's pretty negligible IMHO

This is puzzle ........ maybe you will like liar game



Thank you for the recommendations! I have added them all to my list! :)

  • Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bokjoo
  • Queen Inhyun's Man
  • Hi school Love On
  • Girls Generation 1979- kind of historical since it was set at 1979
  • Love Playlist (Season 2 and 3 - specifically Yoon and JaeIn Story) 

Try out Strong Woman Do Bong Soon :-)

  • From 5 to 9
  • The greatest love
  • Sekai ichi muzukashii koi
  • Kill me heal me
  • Boku to unnmei no hito desu
  • We married as a job
  • Fight for my way
  • Healer
  • Pride
  • Buzzer Beat
  • The master's sun
  • Weightlifting fairy
  • Shopping King Louis

Love O2O is Chinese, but it checks your boxes.

Thanks for recommending! :)

Put your head on my shoulder 

Thank you! I rarely watch chinese dramas, but I will give it a go. 

The Fluff List

There ya go :D, all K Dramas, pure fluff

I'm certain you'll find something you like

While you were sleeping. It does have a good looking ML ( A VERY good looking one infact), a strong FL, Mystery and a Not-at-all irritating love triangle.  Pls give it a try