idk if there is even a word for that XD sorry its my first time on here so forgive me if i write anything weird. I'm basically just realllyyyy really bored of watching Chinese drama that my brain has stooped down to a low level and i want to watch a drama where another girl is trying hard to steal the male lead from the female lead ( if the other girl is successful or not idc) don't have any preferences of female lead teaching her a lesson or anything. Thank you.

sorry if this seems like a weird request and thank you again

edit: forgot to mention watched drama

legend of yunxi, zhenhuan, miyue, minglan, luzhen 

ashes of love

princess weiyoung

goodbye my princess ( i really loved sisi )

ruyi's royal love

empress of china

sound of desert

a little bit of flame's daughter (story bored me)

bu bu xin xin

jade palace lock heart 

  1. Well Intended Love 
  2. Stay With Me 
  3. My Girlfriend is an Alien 
  4. Eternal Love 
  5. Cinderella Chef 
  6. Boss & Me 

I don't know if you want something from other country too or not, I just list the Chinese one.

I second Eternal Love (there is actually more than one girl like that in the drama). xD

Accidentally In Love ... and she has girlfriends whose physical movements are often synced with hers

thank you everyone, looks like i missed out a ton of cliche gems i will definitely check out every one of them