What is your openion about this story.
What do you think will happen next ?
And what are you expecting to happen ?
Do u think that Eun Byul is really dead ?
There is a chance that she could be alive right. Even though they said that they found her corpse they never showed it.
Han Yi An loved Eun Byul so what would happen if he comes to know that Eun Byul is dead and Eun Bi is pretending to be Eun Byul. then still will he have feelings for Eun Bi. 
By the way does that texts from Soo In has anything to do with Eun Byuls death / dissapearance.
Does that person who send strange texts know about the twins and Eun Bi is pretending to be Eun Byul.
When will others in the class come to know So Yeong is a bad girl .
Will Eun Bi get caught by the others.
What would happen if she gets caught by the others.
Will So Yeong keep atracking Eun Bi. Or will she tell everyone about Eun Bi pretending to be Eun Byul.
This story would be really interesting. 
Im really curious about Soo In. I really want to know what happened between her and Eun Byul. I also want to know that who is sending the stramge text messages and the person who was following and disturbing Eun Byul before her dissapearance. I also want Eun Byul to be alive so that Han Yi An will have Eun Byul and Tae Kwang will have Eun Bi. Then there will be a happy ending. So that even Eun Byuls mom can have both the girls.
And also who spread that rumor ?
It isnt Eun Bi and Tae Kwang for sure. Was it also done by that Soo In / the strange message sender.
The ending of the 6th episode was awesome i loved it so much.

"Couldn't there be one person? One person who calls you by your real name? Can't I be that person?"

Things I want to point out

1. In the scene where Eun Bi visits the columbarium with a pot inside her crematory plot, I thought that meant that the body cremated had to be Eun Byul. But this is a K-drama, so I really can't be certain that some background stuff did not happen to keep Eun Byul alive and hidden. 

2. If Yi An finds out that Eun Bi is acting as Eun Byul, who is currently "dead", he probably will retreat into grief. This was his best friend for 10 years, who he loved. But for sure, he will help Eun Bi find out why Eun Byul was being weird before she ran away.

3. This Soo In person, I believe was a crazy stalker of Eun Byul. Soo In was doing things to taunt Eun Byul, like turning off lights and writing notes and messages to her, but I'm not sure why yet. Hopefully the next episods will have something to reveal about Soo In.

4. The potential of Eun Bi getting revealed right now is high. With So Yeong constantly at her heels, and Eun Bi who is so bad at hiding anything, her real identity is at stake even more now with the reveal that So Yeong was the one who bullied a girl to death.
This drama is soo good but it frustrate me soo much. I really want to know the mystery behind Eun Byul's past.
I would like to believe that Eun Byul is alive but then again I don't want to say that... but she is probably dead. If the police or whatever finds the body,  they would usually bring the guardian/parents/family relatives to confirm her body.
I don't know why but I find that Park Min Joon could be related to the mystery since Eun Byul was always first in class and he works soo hard to get good grades. Also the scene where he and the other people from the private tuition leave and Eun Byul is still in the room. It doesn't look like anybody could come in the room and there is a chance that he could be the one who turned off the light. In the drama it doesn't look like his a nobody and they could mislead us by making him the one that Jo He Na's mum wants for both him and Jo He Na to be potential partner. Soo his definitely someone not to be thought of lightly. well.....I think.......I could be wrong though. 
I cant wait for the next episode >.<
Soo in love with Kong Tae Gwang. Totally ship him with Eun Bi <3 <3

I'm loving this drama way too much. I love when it have lots of mysteries. 
The thing I'm most curious about is who is that Soo In. We all know that she's supposedly dead but someone is using her name to harass Eun Byul and the teacher.
I think that it was Soo In who spread that rumor about So Yeong (well instead of rumor I would call it reality). 
The thing is, we don't know who is Soo In but that person knows everything.
And I have a little hope that Eun Byul is still alive. All sort of thing happens in K-dramas.
I feel bad for Yi An. He loved Eun Byul and he doesn't even have an idea about what's going on. His world's going to be so crushed when he'll find out about Eun Bi.
I want the exact same thing as you!
Eun Byul should be alive to stay with Yi An and Eun Bi HAS to be with Tae Gwang.
The last thing Tae Gwang said killed me. It was so freaking sweet!! And lovely. And cute. And adorable.
Oh my God, if those two don't stay together it's my world that's going to be crushed!
Is it not possible that Eun Byul bullied Soo In to the point where she committed suicide. I think Soo In's mother might be the one who is stalking Eun Bi/Eun Byul. I'd love to know why the teacher is also getting text messages (how was he involved in Soo In's death?).
The Eunbyul/Soo In thing.
Soo In's mother said Eun Byul used to come to their home a lot. However no one knew they were friends. And the message Soo In left her -- that even if no one knew they were friends she was just glad she had her (something like that, right?) -- makes me believe that Eun Byul bullied her in school, but went to her house/were friends with her out of school. Also, not only Eun Byul bullied her, but the others from the class also did, and it came to the point she couldn't take it anymore and killed herself.
Idk what that other girl has to do with the murder, but I think the teacher helped the school cover the murder so it wouldn't gain faim of a school with that level of bullying. 
Who do you guys think is following her?
The new female teacher has something to do with the strang text messages. She was using her phone when the teacher got the strange message. 
I think she is soo inns sister or some relative most probably she must be her sister.
Now what wilp happen to eun byul she has returned. Can they both go to school together. What will happen to eun bi now. Will everyone know that both the twins are alive. What would han yi an do if he knows that eun byul is alive. Oh we should stay one week to know everthing. Can eun bi go to the same school without transfering ? Will eun byul go and meet han yi an.

I wish they continued this :/ This is my second K-drama and I feel like it is unfinished.

Teacher Kim and Teacher Young (the classrom teacher and the dead girls big sister) should have been made a couple (did they? as far as I remember, they did not :( )

Kwang and Bi should have been together.