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What is your first impression of  Chae Ro Woon's behavior? 

Do you find it funny and cute or annoying and obnoxious?

Wouldn't go as far to call myself an introvert but I do love my me time, but even for me I don't see why CRW shouldn't be set on fire at times; specially when she feels like she can't make her point without grabbing/groping/tackling a person.
Ceki Volunteer Staff
"set on fire" loool
More on the annoying side ! her "everything must go my way" attitude is bugging me .
Definitely annoying, as an introvert I'd run from people like her haha I don't see any chemistry between her and the male lead. 
I think she's the key to deciding if people will continue watching the drama or not. I love the comedy and the male lead but i think the female lead is swinging more to the annoying side. Anyway, im continuing the drama regardless
I don't see how she is annoying (?????) Is it just because she isn't your typical passive kdrama lead?? She can cross the line sometimes but I think she is true to her convictions and I don't see her as annoying
I don't know if annoying is the right term I definitely don't like a lot of her actions and she's extremely naive but like @Laise said I think where her actions are coming from make her more bearable for me. I'll be continuing the drama because I love the lead actors and I think the storyline is really intriguing so I'm looking forward to see how her character changes
She's the epitome about what I hate on extroverted people, she's what should I say... ermmm... annoying and very self-centered, a nosy one too.
I think her character is just her character. =P There are actually people like that in real life whether they are annoying or not. So I wouldn't stop watching the drama just because I didn't like her. Of course I relate with the guy 99.9% more, and if I knew her in real life there is no way I'd get along with her too well... But her character can't annoy me enough to stop watching the drama. The other characters, the story line, and the gorgeous ost in my opinion make her personality hardly annoying. 

I can understand if others will stop watching, but in truth most of the dramas I've seen never would be rated as high if the female lead being annoying changed my mind all too much. XD

In my opinion, she is more annoying than cute. I hope she will change later on.

I don't have anything against extroverted People, but she is way too much.
She's f****** annoying!! I dropped the series because of her! Why did she act the way she acted?? Was it the writing or the acting that's so repulsive? I don't understand... if she's a villain then it's good!! But she's a heroine and I suppose to like/love/support/root for her?? Not a chance
To me, she's equal parts annoying and cute, but above all she's freaking SUFFOCATING. My chest goes tight almost every time she interacts with Eun Hwan Gi. I mean, her groping and pushing and yelling and sheer entitlement to other people's lives is nasty, but it's not at all rare for k-dramas. However, seeing that behavior directed at such a socially anxious person and imagining how it must be affecting him is the most uncomfortable a drama's ever made me. Also, we shouldn't be calling her an extrovert and blaming her character to it, 'cause that's a slight on extroverts in general. She's more of the obsessive-compulsive type with lots of boundary issues.
Though perhaps not exactly necessary, I do feel like I understand why the writer has made Ro Woon like this. Because her and Hwan Gi are so drastically different there's a lot left to fill these next sixteen hours. The romance hasn't even started budding yet and there's so much clashing to be had for them to learn to meet in the middle of that huge spectrum and grow as people.

She's flawed without a doubt, just like Hwan Gi. I don't find her cute OR annoying, but rather refreshing, I guess? She's very proactive, which can be rare for a Kdrama female lead, and sets a lot of things in motion - for better or for worse. And in my opinion at least, just because someone is the main character doesn't mean they have to always be correct, good or kind in what they do. It's only human to make mistakes, and even more so to eventually grow as a result of them. 

So long story short, I'm sticking with this one because I find the dynamics of the two main leads interesting. I can definitely understand why so many people find Ro Woon too extreme or just completely uncomfortable to bear with, but I feel like - touch wood - she will learn to cool down. And at the same time maybe she'll inspire Hwan Gi to start finding some confidence in himself, whether that's just out of attachment or by driving him into a corner.
But there's some moments when she's too much and as a result she doesn't give the male lead a chance to even answer the question. She's super quick to judge him without looking at the bigger picture. Continuously calling him psychopath doesn't help. In addition, snooping, going through someones desk and almost getting their secretary fired is not cool at all. I wish the writers would tone it down a bit. My favorite scene of hers was in the second episode when they were in separate stalls. We got to see more of her and she felt a lot more real to me. But its only been 4 episodes so anything can happen.