So I’ve watched quite a bit of dramas and lots with tragic male secondary leads.  Although I think there are characters that have suffered more than Fuheng, for some reason my heart aches so much for him.  There could be lots of reasons:

- Ying Luo actually loved him back

- practically the entire series he helped the Ying Luo secretly 

- the fact that he died to save the Ying Luo

- how the scene played out with the announcement of his death accompanied by the sad ending song, his last words, and a shot of him smiling because Ying Luo promised him in the next life ????

Does anyone else feel that way?  I get emotional just thinking about it.

Wish there was some way we could see an alternate ending of them being together :(

The first vid tho T_T the ending is what we all needed. Thank you for sharing these videos! The second video is too good 

Right?!  The song gets me everytime >.<  You're welcome!

I feel so bad that their love ended like that but the situation that they were in was just not fated ;(

I hope Fuheng and Ying Luo will star in another drama so that my heart will be at ease haha

Another drama perhaps with the exact same personalities ;P  They were so cute!

I agree with the both of you! It was heartbreaking to see the late empress literally cry because they wouldn’t experience happiness in that life. The empress represented us fans who shipped Fuheng and Yingluo together :(