Really hoping this will somehow be implemented one day. I'd even be happy with only the dramas we add as Not Interested being completely hidden from searches, explore and such. Right now there isn't any point in me doing that as I look for the + when browsing to see what I haven't added yet and the pencil only confuses me.

I still want this so so badly ... or at list adding more filters to 'recommended to you' page [year, nr. episodes, status] ... which by the way is not working properly neither ... currently watching and completed titles are showing in my 'recommended to you ' ( T - T ) 

It certainly would be nice if  you could select these options while searching: 'not on my list', 'listed' and 'both'. 

This functionality is extremely important for anyone with a huge list. A simple "hide shows on my list" similar to how anilist does it would work wonders. Alternatively it could be two options so it still showed shows that were on your PTW list.

I was going to make a thread requesting this, but just found this thread among the other dupes. Complete with two replies from the past 5 hours, weird.

I like this idea since I left a similar suggestion that was actually the opposite of yours. I wish there was a filter option to show what in only in my lists, so that way I can look through my plan to watch list by genre or tag, if I'm in the mood to watch something specific.

So I think that there should be a filter option to show only things already on your lists, only showing things not already on your lists, or showing things with both. (Three options all together.)

So have the filter options:


Not Listed


(or something like this) 

( 人・ω・) Please please please ... we really need a 'not on my list' filter ... Please (・ω・人 )


I really wish this filter would exist ... it would make your searches for new dramas to watch much easier ...  actually ... it would be nice if the filter would be even more complex ... like a status filter with the options : 

  • Not on my List [dramas you didn't add yet]
  • On my List [all dramas from your list]
  • Watching
  • Completed
  • On Hold
  • Dropped
  • Plan to Watch

I second this. It seems like the best way to implement such a feature without it becoming fustrating to those who don't want to exclude any dramas on their watch lists.

ah yeah. I have to skip and scan through so many pages because some were on my lists.