in filter, dont list drama or movie which is already in my list(can be planned,currently watching,completed,dropped,on hold) ,
So that i will know easily that the filtered list is new list to me which i haven't shown interest so far 
I don't agree with this since I usually search dramas I'm currently watching or plan to watch. Yeah, you can go and search for it on your list but it takes a lot longer to go through all the dramas... It's a lot easier just to type in the title. =P 
Some users have like 300 drama in their PTW list and while browsing for more, they sometimes re-discover dramas that are already on their list. I kindda like that...
This won't work well for me, I have so many dramas on my list it is easier to search them than to scroll through my whole MDL list.
If I understand the OP correctly I think she isn't talking about just typing the title in the search bar. When you're searching for new dramas by using the filters in the box on the right side (e.g. only display dramas from Japan in the historical genre), it would be practical if we could have an option so that dramas that are already on our lists weren't displayed. Then you wouldn't have to look through dramas you already completed or have on your ptw list, when you only want to find titles you don't know. BUt like Juniko said some people have very long ptw lists, so an option to include/exclude titles from it might be better.
What risingsun - told is right, as a search/filter functionality which will list the dramas/movies, when I search by selecting the genre, providing the year, selecting the country I get the full list , that contains the drama/movie which I have already in my PTW list, which I dont want so that I can show interest to new drama/movie which I havn't watched so far.

It be good if you could add it to sort by as '''not in my list''
because when I go search by genre I always get the ones I've watched already

i dont need this option but i can see how some might find it useful. this can simply be an option in search

I want this as an option so bad. There's over 400 dramas on my to watch list and I hate wading through pages of stuff I already added when searching. I wish it would just show me an option to only see dramas that aren't on my lists.

Ceki VIPVolunteer Staff

I'd also like to add that it would be great if we could choose to exclude dramas that are on our Not Interested list too.

I need this in my life. I want to be able to filter dramas when searching for new ones to only show ones that aren't in any of my lists. I'm missing out on a lot of older dramas because they are buried under 40 pages of dramas I already added.

I really wish this filter would exist ... it would make your searches for new dramas to watch much easier ...  actually ... it would be nice if the filter would be even more complex ... like a status filter with the options : 

  • Not on my List [dramas you didn't add yet]
  • On my List [all dramas from your list]
  • Watching
  • Completed
  • On Hold
  • Dropped
  • Plan to Watch