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​add genre "disaster"

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for the shows/movies that follow around a natural disaster : 

the flu, 


missing nine,  

Dr.dmat, etc.

On the new version, we have both genres and themes. Disaster is more of a theme that we will add once we launch that version in a few months. 
Hessa Volunteer Staff
Wouldn't say Dr. Dmat is a disaster drama. It was just the last couple of episodes. It is more of a medical drama, even other websites label it as a medical suspense drama.
@Skye-N-Rain: waiting for the new version.

@Hessa: well, DMAT is spelled as 'Disaster Medical Assistance Team' so you know, and I haven't watched as many dramas yet, so to increase the count I just put it in there. 
Hessa Volunteer Staff
It is 'Disaster Medical Assistance Team', but the only disaster that happens is in the last 2 episodes. The drama focuses on the medical side, not the disaster. Therefore, this doesn't qualify as a "Disaster" drama.

Anyway, we really need this.
You could also add "bromance" as a genre. It would be awesome!!! Especially for those people who love bromances, like me
doesn't that get covered under 'friendship'

if you think otherwise, you should write 'new suggestion' to bring it to other peopls attention and collect votes
mmmm...I didn't think it that way!
Hessa Volunteer Staff
Bromance is friendship.
What we need for stuff like bromance, is tagging. Not genres.
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