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Guy obsessed with girl?

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Hello! I'm looking for a drama where the guy is obsessed with girl, unhealty obsessed. Obsessed where he would use anything he can to be with her (stalking, blackmail, kiddnaping, imprisoning her...). Girl doesn't need to fall in love with him. He can be villain or side character I don't mind as long as he's obsessed. I like to watch everything (J,T,C,K dramas I don't choose). I don't like plot where guy wants to take revenge on the girl and imprisons her but then falls in love. I'm sick of cute love dramas, I just happend to find out about this kind of dramas and it catched my eye. I hope you can help me.

Dramas I watched:

-Last friends

-Cheese in the trap

-Cruel romance

-I miss you/Missing you

-One fine day

-Goong/Princess hours

-Birth of a beauty

-Bridal mask

-The girl wearing tassel earrings

-The suspicious housekeeper

-Delightful girl Choon hyang

-Summer's desire

-The king's woman


maybe try Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart?

In Age of Youth (first season), the ex boyfriend of one of the main characters kidnaps her. 

Maybe try Eternal Love. I believe it has kind of what you are looking for.


Maybe try Eternal Love. I believe it has kind of what you are looking for.

definitely. Maybe Love Me if You Dare too.
Sealed With a Kiss
Lady and Liar
My Sunshine(drama)
Sound of the Desert
Love O2O

Sung Hoon character almost always is this type of guy, stalkerish obsessed guy. And i just realized its just wei and funny and endearing at time. So try his dramas New Tales of a Gisaeng, Noble My love, Five fingers, My Secret Romance

Otherss: Greatest Love, Autumn in My Heart, Chuno, Maids, Moon that embraces the Sun, kill me heal me,  Discovery of romance, Empress Ki, falling for innocence, My love eundong

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