there is option to add new title for dramas but the given countries are 6-7(japan taiwan china korea...) specific countries, if anyone want to add any drama/movie from not listed country its not possible list to accurate information on it. we all are dramas/movie lover not bounded by any country. and  the site is very helpful for information sharing about trending dramas/movies

so i suggest you pls list more countries or give a option "other country"


Hessa VIPVolunteer Staff

There is already a lot of suggestion threads about this, please use them instead.

i searched before writing but not found any thread  on it  if there is not any problem can you link it


i went each link but it seems like what we are expecting is so far away  so i crossed my finger and hoping for   to complete are wish in near future

MDL is doing great job , so fast you response to your user and clear their doubts i admire the whole team of MDL and i'm hoping more from MDL......

thank you MDL

Thank you, and it's something for us to think about.