Ceki VIPVolunteer Staff

We already have a spoiler tag but it is a highlighting feature (in the forums and articles).

I think we need a spoiler tag that would reduce the text and save the space just like it does in the comment section.

This would really come in handy when I make complex and long opening thread posts so please think about implementing it. Thanks.


i have always been wondering why its never been there in the comment section already

Some forums such as vBulletin have spoiler tags that "drop down" so to speak. It saves space, and it doesn't disappear when we move our mouse.

I find that our current spoiler feature makes viewing uncomfortable. I hover over the text to see the sentences, but I have a habit of having multiple windows up and moving back and forth... so the text flickers lol ._. Is this just me?

I wish we either had a click-to-drop-down to reveal spoiling comments, or if we just click the highlighted messages and everything becomes revealed unless we click again.