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I wanted to suggest having a "series" page like on Goodreads - a place that consolidates all the entries of a series (dramas of more than one season or anthology series like HIStory) based on aired date and you can navigate from it to all the entries. 

Example of a series page on Goodreads: 

Example of how the book-entry looks like, including the series: 


Hello KatiaSchwarz, I agree, I made a very similar suggestion a while ago 

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This would be easily done, if we have a system that is just like the current tags, where we can link the series.

Could you give more examples? What dramas would fit in these scenario

Noble Aspirations Seasons 1-3, Voice 1-3, My Girlfriend's  Boyfriend Seasons 1-2 for seasons.  Bangkok Rak Stories, Reply Series, Project S for anthology type series. And Kiss Me Series and The Lost Tomb Series for shows that air in a weird order


Could you give more examples? What dramas would fit in these scenario

There's for example the 'U-Prince' series 

or Project S  Senior Secret Love

and Khun Chai 

They are shows set in the same universe rather than sequels/prequels so they could be watched at any order, but some characters are recurring (or they mention stuff from the previous installment) so it's sometimes better to watch them in airing order (to notice Easter Eggs). For now the only way to know which one aired first is to click through 20 u-princes (hoping that all of them are linked as compilations to that one show we are viewing), create a personal list called 'X show watch order' or use external website. 

There are also movies that were released together as, let's say, 'Collection of movies made by people who graduated from X University in 2019' but are unrelated in any way (plot-wise). I know Tokyo University does these bundles, so marking it as series would make it easier for people who want to watch them in order to compare quality, w/e. I know myanimelist does the same with Young Animator Training Project

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Voted! I'd love this!

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I shall be linking this thread to the original suggestion that ohmyseoul created a few months ago to expand upon it. :)

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