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Hello there, 

I am a Kdrama fan. I only watch Kdramas that is 1 hour long per episode. I log in once in a while to check the new releases, ratings and add possible to watch dramas to my list etc. But recently it has become so hard to check new dramas using the search function. I put check mark on Drama category but the search  results are showering me with 13-10 mins episodes series that are in total 5 hours at max. It's frustrating specially with the influx of these in the Korean media. Isn't there a proper better word to describe them? I don't know! 

I don't know if this annoys others as much as it does to me. But maybe I am not alone. Hence I am suggesting if MDL can add a category for these small little snippet of dramas to ease the search of both them and longer ones. I have faith in you ♥
Thank you for the good work you put on this site already. Have a good day.

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