I was wondering would MDL consider creating an API that would allow other developers to create apps to use the information on MDL. I ask this because I'm interested in making an app that could use this information as I believe MDL now has the most comprehensive information for asian dramas.
We are planning on to release the API most likely this year.
just seen this , that would be great since for years i've wished i could use an updater for my list similar to the 1s i can use for mal on mdl  and if it had a api it would be possible. :)
+1. MDL by far has the best repository for asian dramas that I've seen. tvmaze and tvrage (defunct) has been my source before I found out about this site. Bump to see if there's an update/release date regarding this?
We are still working on this. Not sure when it will be ready for release though. 
I found myself looking through all the old pages looking for this question, really looking forward to when there's an API. In the meantime I can work on the ideas to use it for.
Any update on this?

I'm want to integrate this into my AI project.
No real update unfortunately. 
I made a scraper last week to get titles, rating, picture. 
I placed the code on my github: MDL-Scraper-Python

Code Language: Python
Run on: Windows, Mac, Linux

I'm learning still learning python, so the code may look bad and code be made better. Such as using keywords in a list than comparing versus making multiple if statements.

If you have any cool updates, to add let me know and we can update the github.

Hi Tyler, 

We're still working on this feature. Please contact me for what you're looking in an API.
if we could get an api access to get information from the site 
like every details on a certain drama

like anidb api 
Mal api 

Is there any plan this year for the APIs?