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how to rate an episode? I can't seem to make it work

I have the same problem! Is it still possible or we can't do that anymore without writing a review? ;;;

I think it's impossible now if we don't write a review, too.... :(

Writing a review for each and every episode in order to rate it??? Somebody must be out of their minds... Maybe, to include episode spoilers in a review, too, huh?

We will fix this issue shortly. It's a bug. 

so..... are there any updates in this subject?

Thank you in advance.

As I've checked the current situation, there have been some changes but not to much effect. It is now physically possible to rate a single episode, so a while ago I entered ratings for next episodes and there were actually saved, i can see them every time I'm logged, but the ratings are not displayed on the drama page (section Episode Guide), they're not calculated and are not visible to anyone else but me, I suppose.... 

I'm still hoping for possible improvements. Thank you in advance.

Good catch. Adding this to the list of bugs to fix.