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Not emailing me when I get a new private message

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I am no longer getting emails when I get private messages, for about a week or so now.

I am still getting notifications when I get comments, replies, friend requests and such but not PMs. I have all the correct settings checked.

I will look into it. Thanks

Hi, it should works now. It was using the wrong permission.

As of 1:47 EST (3 hours ago)  it worked for me when i received my last direct message.  (3 hours ago)

Great. I haven't gotten any PMs since but I'll let you know when I do.

I got a message and it still didn't email me the notification for it.

Do you ever get any email from MDL?


Do you ever get any email from MDL?

Yes, I get email still from comments, replies, friend requests,  things I'm subscribed to etc. I got emails for PMs until about a week ago.

I'm getting notifications about replies to comments. I'm just not getting PM notifications either. I haven't gotten any today to see if it's working again yet, but I stopped getting them a few days ago I think. (But other than that, the PM change a few days ago is MUCH better than the first version.)

 I got the notification on MDL, but still no email. My settings are checked to receive emails when I get PMs still.

I didn't even get an MDL notification about the last couple. I just happened to check because I was waiting on a reply. 

I had this problem-I haven't gotten a message for 12 hours so I don't know if it is working for me or not.  I hope it is fixed.  

Thanks, I will look into this.

Edit: Please try again.

Thank you, it's working now!

Edit: replies aren't working, only new message threads.