Hi I have been having a problem since  the update of the site of not getting notifications for incoming private messages. Can this be fixed please? Thanks so much.

I'm having the same issue lately. apparently I got a message three days ago but it didn't tell me about it. Happened before that too :(

So are these messages old ones that were made before v4? If so, for new pm's you get notifications, correct? 

No these are new messages :(

I mean, like if I message you (instead of replying to a pm you had sent me in v3), does a notification appear? 

ah I got the message from 40 mins ago now haha, so it does seem they come through, i think it's just occasionally since today I only got a notification for a message sent 3 days ago

The problem for me was regarding all incoming private messages...yesterday 2 notifications came through for only one message from Skye. Thanks for working on this problem. :)

Hi, I'm still not getting notifications for my incoming messages.

Same problem here, people messaged me like 4 days ago but I only got a notification today or non at all

this only started for me in the last couple of days.  I got a message from someone but i didn't notice until i went in to write a message to someone else, then when i left messages it showed the notifications for all the messages that had been sitting there for two days.

it wasn't happening at first in the new version for me, i only noticed it this week, but i don't use the function much so it might have been going longer, but i definitely received notifications after the new version.

Apparently I had another message from Skye 5 days ago lol but didn't get any notification? So I'm still getting issues with it, not sure what's wrong though :(

Are your notifications settings are on?

In the notification settings there is only the option to receive them via email and not on here.

And here I thought I would have unread messages I missed, ends up I just have none :(

Yeah there's only an option to notify by email... but it used to notify me on here~