I've noticed for the past couple weeks that view counts on various articles (mine and others) jump up and down. I've looked on mobile and Windows PC and the problem is the same on both. I looked and this was an issue that was attended to last year, but it seems it's popped up again :/

Bumping this. Is it still happening? 

I'm on mobile right now and it's not happening. I'll check from my PC in a bit.

Checked on PC and it's not happening right now. I noticed that the issue comes and goes. Often right after an article is published, I've seen the views jump up and down.

Just checked again and I noticed that my KDramas 101 piece dropped from 2k to 1.8k views :/


Bumping this. Is it still happening? 


Here's a screenshot that shows the number of views being lower than the number of comments, which should be impossible. This piece got up to 1.5k just the other day, then dropped to zero and has been fluctuating ever since.

Oh dear. Hopefully J-iN can fix this.