could anyone check and explain what happened with the drama page for "The Monkey King 3" ?

does MDL marked it as cancelled???

the drama cannot be seen now on the actor's profile - it's not linked, but the actor is listed in the main cast, so it cannot be corrected by "editing" the page

drama link:

the actor's profile link:

as far as I know the drama is not cancelled (... yet) and is still in HMH's film inventory

the problem is, if it's not shown on the actor's page - soon sb will add it again and we will be starting from the beginning all over again...

if an error happened and the link is lost, please fix it

It just looks like a bug/something temporarily broken.   Its good that you opened a support case.   

I tested it as well.  The show should indeed be showing up under his roster of works on his profile page given that his name was successfully posted as one of the cast. 

I was going to write just the same but with another drama + actor, till a few weeks ago it was listed under his name, now it's gone. 

drama -

actor -

Maybe this can be checked too if they can fix it??

Thank you, we are looking into the issue.

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