Dear Admin,

I appreciate all of the hard work you guys do around here. Without the hard work of everyone around here we wouldn't have this wonderful and amazing place. With that said, there is one problem that I've been experiencing in the feed section, and that is the uploading of pictures from my laptop. When I upload three pictures at the same time they never end up in the order that I’ve uploaded them in. It doesn't matter how many attempts I make it never ends up in the correct order. I have spoken to a couple of users and they've all told me they were experiencing the same problem. I and my hair would be forever grateful if something can be done about this. Thank you.

We will definitely look into it. Appreciate the feedback

You’re welcome. Thank you again for all of your hard work.

Uploading pictures to my feed last worked 8 days ago. Just thinking if you've made some changes since then.

Can’t add photos to my feed now either although it worked before. I will try from different devices to see if this is only a problem while using the phone.

It worked for me earlier today. How odd...

yup its frustrating if i want to add pics in a sequence to describe a scene in a drama. i have to do permutations and combinations to find the sequence to get the right order. it would be helpful if the get posted in the same order i upload them

Should be working now. Sorry for the inconvenient