Sorry to bother you I know this is a really old thread lol but was just wondering if someone could send me the 10MOPB translation? Besides the one on amazon (which I haven't heard the greatest things about) I can't find a translation of it for the life of me. My email's [email protected] 

Ahhh thank you so so much! :D

NP let me know if you like it I personally prefer pillow book

Hello is it still possible to ask for the translated copy of peach blossom? I see in the the translator blog that we couldn’t ask it again.. if you do mind please send it to [email protected] thank you ????  


Oh and if anyone needs a translated copy of peach blossoms just let me know the translator was nice enough to give me a copy after she took it down.

Please, Please, Please send me a copy.

[email protected]

Thank You in advance

Could someone send me a copy too please?  Thank you.

[email protected]

I'm so jealous, please, could you send me one too?

my e- mail is [email protected]


Does anyone have the 10miles peach blossoms novel? I rewatched the series recently and I would love to read the novel, but sadly hamster took it down from her site. 

If anyone that has it, can email me a copy? My email is [email protected]

Thank You very much :)