He has not been vague. He has admitted that Yaya is his gf and in the concert too, he said to one of the guests that his gf (Yaya) is backstage. Both of them admitted openly they have passed the status bf/gf and that Na is everything to Ya. You can say whatever you want, it won't change the fact that NY are in love

lol" they have passed the gf/bf status , i see then they are must be secretly married lmao

Yes definitely! After all those family trips and private trips together in and outside Thailand NO DOUBTS, NO BUTS! And even before Nadech's "she's my Beloved" announcement in #TheRealNadechConcert they are obviously an item with the way they look at each other lovingly in their events. And what convince me more is Nadech's private IG account with username 'since2011weare' pertaining to him and Yaya of course, the way Yaya affirmed it with Nadech's embroidered t-shirt courtesy by Urassaya herself 'Urassaya's Since 2011'! 

And now  Nadech creating his public IG account (@kugimiyas even rhyming with Yaya's IG username @urassayas... so cute!!!) posting photos of his teerak YAYA  in their private moments, exchanging sweet nothings... as their avid fan I'm so happy for them!