Hey guys,

So I was surfing the net and saw that Nadech and Yaya are in a relationship:   Click Here.

Do you know if this is true or just fan post?
It does say that, although I didn't find any articles on google :(  I really really wish they are. One of my favorite on-screen couples (And I only have 2) !!
They look very nice together! :) but the page didn't state that months ago, so now it made me wonder.
Ooh, then it's probably true (Fingers crossed). Indeed, they look really good together :)
Reallly!!!! .... They've always denied it ... but when u see them together IRL it is hard to believe they are just friends ... they do everything together, even go on vacation together w/ their families...... I hope it is true and I wish them all the luck and happiness forever

EDIT:  I looked into it, and it seems they are still denying it!

Yaya said in one recent interview that they won't confirm nor deny being in a relationship because they'd prefer to keep their private lives private.

I love Yadech to death and desperately want them to date, but I can respect that they want privacy. We can all just pretend they're dating to make ourselves feel happy :)

I also curious about their relationship .yaya said nadech is her number one best friend .

only best friend?not dating? Ough so confused