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https://alwaysmeena.wordpress.com i think it has everything about thai lakorn eng sub
My top list : 

2. 2 moons the series
3. Project S the series
4. Water Boyy the series
5. U-Prince Single Lawyer 

i found some sites in past who provide foreign drama with English subtitles , after long time i remember only few site name

 dramanice english subbed

 drama cool


Bunlang Dok Mai (Rich spoiled guy meets a hardworking woman- it's fun and the female lead is strong and smart, she won't let anyone bully her- I love strong female character)

Full house(It's fun and sweet) 

Fai Ruk Game Rohn (Strong woman tries to get revenge for her family. The male lead is a super nice guy, He is so much in love, that he won't even get mad when the female hurts her. He did everything for his love. First I love the super nice male character and I love the actor to)

Mussaya (Country girl enter a noble family. She is so strong and smart, She can do everything, she is playful and always fight back with villains and sometimes she pranks them and make the villains embarrassed. The couple are sweet and cute, and they are always playing around)

Paen Rai Long Tai Wa Rak (Again strong female - funny and cute. The female wants to save his adopted brother from a forced marriage, so she fake pregnancy and comes to wedding (Other people don't know they are sibling, ) and the bride's uncle doesn't want the wedding to be ruined, so he tells everyone that the female lead is pregnant with him, so they had to register their marriage- it's a fun drama, specially when those sibling acting like they are flirting to prank the uncle)

Pope Rak (Ghost story - funny and cute and most important thing about this drama is that there is no slap or scream )

Sapai Jao (So funny - it's a light hearted and cute romance, it's full of nice and lovely characters. Even this is about a royal family, but they are not so strict, they are fun and understanding. Even the aunt princess who was the elder of family always enjoy playing around and she was the one that help both couples end up together, and both female were strong and smart, even the older sister who was a sweet and refined woman, she always pranks the villain)

As you noticed I love these dramas because of strong female lead, they all have eng sub and they are all new.